Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Explore the Possibility That Magic IS Real

Are you a believer that real magic exists, do you believe there is no such thing as magic, or are you somewhere in between? Maybe you aren't sure if real magic exists, but would like to believe. If your mind is open at all to the possibility, take a look at our Is Magic Real article and try out some simple magic rituals for yourself and see what you think then. Put away your preconceived notions from what you've seen in fantasy shows and books and make up your own mind based on your own experience. Here are 3 simple magic rituals to try out that will help you get your day off to a good start or end your day with serenity and let you wind down for a peaceful night's rest. Give one or all of them a try and judge the results you get.

1. Sun Candle
Get your day off to a good start with a morning boost of energy by using the Sun Candle ritual. All you need for this simple ritual is a pure bright yellow candle and wooden or paper matches. Then:

1. Sit in the South facing North and have the candle in front of you.

2. Light the candle with your matches.

3. Once the flame of the candle is steady, hold your hands around the flame, but far enough away that you don't get burned, and focus your attention of wanting more energy on it.

4. Say the following verse in a powerful voice to "charge" the candle:
"Child of Wonder,
Child of Flame,
Nourish My Spirit,
And Protect My Aim!"

You can now sit quietly with the candle burning (observing fire safety of course) or just leave it burning in the room while you get ready to go out for the day. If you have to move to another room, take it with you. If you are especially low energy, you can hold your hands around the candle and "pull" Sun Yellow energy from the candle. Don't pull from the flame, just the candle. Sun Yellow is a fire energy color that nourishes spirit and can be energizing. After leaving the candle burning for around 30 minutes, blow the flame out. Take a few minutes to see how you feel, if there is a difference in your energy level, if you feel more harmonious or lighter.

2. Placemat Exercise
Running around in the morning trying to get everyone dressed, fed and out the door? Mornings can be hectic in many families, but take the time to do this simple ritual from Abraham-Hicks (http://www.abraham-hicks.com) and you may be surprised how the Universe can help you start your day off in a magical way instead of feeling overwhelmed. Here's how you do the Placemat Exercise.

1. Start with a clean sheet of paper.

2. Draw a line down the middle of the paper.

3. To the left of the line write "Things I Want to Be, Do or Have Today".

4. To the right of the line write "Things I Want the Universe to Bring Me Today".

5. Then start writing on the left side of the paper all the things you really want to be, do or have. This is not a to-do list for the day, so don't write things you have to do or should do or that you don't want to do. Only write down things that inspire you, that you are anticipating with joy, or that are pleasing to you.

6. After you've taken a few minutes to write on the left, switch to writing on the right side of the page. Write what you want the Universe to do for you today or to bring you. This could be things you feel you have no control over, things you don't want to do but are required to for some reason, or things you don't even want to think about. You might ask for the Universe to bring you inspiration or willingness to face and do these things, or ask the Universe to take care of those things for you or you might just ask for being joyful or peaceful for whatever situations you have to face today.

7. After you have finished the lists on both the left and the right side of the paper, take 17 seconds to focus on each item on the list with a feeling of pure positive emotion. Envision those things you want being a reality and already yours, focus on the vision of those things you weren't so wild about already completed and out of the way. Just beam with positive energy and emotion for those 17 seconds and you'll find the rest of your day will be more carefree and less stressful.

3. Night Time Blessing Ritual
This ritual can be done with a partner, a family, your pet or just by yourself. Done consistently each night it can help you unwind from the day and be able to get a good night's sleep. Here are directions for doing it with others and you can just adapt it if doing it by yourself or with a pet.

1. You will need a goblet or Chalice that has a stem, spring or well water, a color source of water blue (medium blue color, not light blue and not navy blue) and non-iodized salt.

2. Sit in the South facing the North with the Chalice in front of you.

3. Fill the Chalice half way full with the water.

4. Take some of the salt and sprinkle a bit into the water in the Chalice.

5. Look at your water blue color source and blow that color from your mouth into the Chalice.

6. Swirl the Chalice to move the water in a clockwise direction.

7. Say the following verse repeating Step 5 and 6 after each line of the verse.
 "Water and Earth where you are cast,
Let no spell nor adverse purpose last,
Not in accord with me.
Bless these people and bless their space, (if doing alone change to "Bless this person and bless my space."
Far from here send baneful trace.
Thus my will, so it be."

8. Pick up the Chalice in your left hand, turn towards the person you are blessing.

9. Dip your index finger on your right hand in the water and use that finger to draw lines of about 1 to 1 ½ inches long on the person's forehead in this manner:

  • Vertical Line down center of forehead
  • Horizontal line drawn left to right through center of first line
  • Draw clockwise circle starting on right end of horizontal line and touching ends of all lines

10. As you draw the circle, say, "For the peace of your mind".

11. Repeat Steps 9 and 10 drawing on the chest over the heart and say, "For the joy of your heart".

12. Now have the person you are blessing take a sip of the water and you say, "And for the health of your body".

13. Now that you have done the blessing for your partner, have them repeat all these steps for you. If you have more people as in the whole family, you can pass the Chalice around a circle and have each person bless the one next to them, or have one person go around and do the blessing on everyone and then someone do it for them.

There you have it. Three simple, magical rituals that anyone can do right away with no special training. Just dive right in, try one or all three. Do them consistently for 40 days to really give this a chance and keep your mind open to new possibilities. Then sit back, observe, and see what magical things come to make a difference in your life. That will give you the experience and the data to make your own decision about how real magic is.

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