Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Using Healing Spells in the Practice of Magic: Flower Essence Recipes and More

In the practice of magic, healing spells are a natural way to change energy coming from pain, disease or illness. Anyone can be a healer with the practice of magic. Healing spells can help you heal yourself, your pets, the planet or other people. And the good news is that you already know how to heal. Healing is a natural human quality. Some of us just haven't learned to use our natural healing abilities.

About Magical Healing
Everything in the Universe is made up of energy which is in a constant state of vibration or movement. Even things that look solid are really just a composite of energies. If you are going to engage in healing spells or healing work, then you need to be able to work with energy. Everything has its own electro-magnetic field much like an energy signature. Illness, pain and disease are caused by disharmonious energy. So a sick person or animal has basically moved into an energy state that doesn't match their natural vibrational state. Making adjustments to the energetic state can bring it back into balance.

Plants For Healing Spells
One of the magical healing techniques covered in our Energy Healing for Self and Others ebook, is the use of plants in the practice of magic. Each plant has its own unique energy signature and one of the techniques presented in this ebook is making your own flower essences. Flower essences make available to us the vibrational frequencies and individual qualities of plants. Below are a couple of examples of flower essence recipes for specific healing.

Flower Essence Recipe for Grounding
Feeling spacey, ungrounded, confused, lost, overwhelmed, chaotic? A flower essence for grounding can help. Here's a recipe with what each ingredient addresses and the gift the plant brings specifically.

Water Violet--grief, wants to be left alone. Gift: tranquil, at peace, to bring joy.
Heather--needing attention. Gift: vital, selfless.
Elm--overwhelm with present events. Gift: capable, responsible, copes well with change.
Olive--exhaustion. Gift: good recovery, courage, dependability for the duration.
Wild Oat--boredom, not feeling useful. Gift: talents, feeling useful, definite character.
Gorse--hopelessness, giving up. Gift: faith, hope, positive.
Red Chestnut--worry, looking out window. Gift: positive, calm.
Rock Rose--terror, panic. Gift: positive, calm. Gift: courage, strength of character.
Oak--overburdened, stressed. Gift: strong, dependable.
Clematis--increases attention span and ability to focus, post surgery to increase alertness, comatose, unconscious. Gift: focus, restores consciousness, good for post-op.
Wild Rose--when zeal to live is lost, hormonal changes, pregnancy, adolescence. Gift: joy, contentment, accepting.
Honeysuckle--sulking, has given up, replenishes depleted energies, exhaustion. Gift: replenishes.
Mustard--deep depression. Gift: serene, joyful, stable, peaceful.

Flower Essence Recipe for Emotional Cleansing
Been around a lot of negative energy or negative people, just ended a dysfunctional relationship, been angry, depressed or exhibiting other negative emotions? A flower essence for emotional cleansing may help you. Here's a recipe with what each ingredient addresses and the gift the plant brings specifically.

Willow--resentment. Gift: optimistic, responsible, acceptance.
Impatiens--nervous, anxiousness. Gift: relaxation, sympathy, calm, diplomacy.
Mustard--deep depression. Gift:  serene, joyful, stable, peaceful.
Olive--exhaustion. Gift: good recovery, courage, dependability for the duration.
Wild Rose--to remain happy and content. Gift:  joy, contentment, accepting.
Hornbeam--weariness. Gift: certain, lots of energy.
Red Chestnut--worrying. Gift: positive, calm.
Cherry Plum--crazed, loss of control. Gift: calm, quiet, in control.
Beech--intolerance. Gift: tolerance, acceptance.
Crab Apple--cleansing. Gift: cleansing toxins, emotional/ physical.
Star of Bethlehem--any kind of trauma or loss of a loved one, gives comfort. Gift: comforts all traumas.

If energetic healing of this type resonates with you and piques your interest, check out the Energy Healing for Self and Others ebook for lots more flower essence recipes, how to make your own flower essences, using armotherapy, color, sound, herbs and lots more techniques for healing spells. You, yes you, are a natural born healer. You just may need some direction and practice to unlock your healing abilities.

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