Thursday, February 2, 2017

How to Make Magic with Everyday Magic

Magic is all around us and is there to help with all the everyday problems and annoyances we run into. You might be surprised to learn your house is actually full of magical ingredients and tools. That is what our Book 2 of the Witchcraft Spell Books series, Learn How To Do Witchcraft Rituals and Spells with Household Ingredients, is all about. This book gives you lots of magic techniques to help with everyday problems using common items that you will find around you. One of the techniques you'll discover is how to magically toss your troubles away.

How to Toss Your Troubles Away
This magic technique uses simulacra magic using rocks to represent problems or negative issues you are facing. In simulacra magic, an object is keyed to represent a person or thing and then whatever is done to the simulacra also happens to the person or thing it is keyed to. In this procedure you will be creating a psychic connection between a rock and a problem in your life and then throwing the rock in a body of water to toss it away. Here's how.

1. Pick a place to go for a walk that has some type of rocks or stones and has a large body of water such as a lake, pond or river and take a sack or bag with you.

2. As you begin walking look for rocks that call to you in some way and pick up one that draws your attention and that will be easy enough to put in your sack.

3. Hold the rock in your dominant hand, the hand that you naturally point with, and think of the problem that you want to key to this rock.

4. Key the rock by holding it in your dominant hand, and bringing up every thought, feeling, or physical sensation related to the problem or issue you have. Push all these with intention into the rock. Be sure that you are NOT keying the stone to a living person or being, but only the situation or problem that you are facing.

5. Once the stone gets an energetically heavy feeling to it, becomes warm or tingly, you will know it is keyed and can place it in your sack.

6. Continue on your walk doing the same with other rocks and other problems until you feel you have a rock for each of the problems or issues you want to deal with.

7. Now take your sack of rocks to the body of water and take one stone out of the sack. Hold the stone for a few seconds then toss it with all your might into the water. This physical disconnection will sever the issue from your life.

8. You can also say the following disconnect litany in a voice of command just before throwing the rock into the water if you wish.
"I am neither your creature nor your get, 
To be moved by your whim or your let;
I will go my own way, 
By night or by day, 
To serve my own purposes yet."

9. Continue throwing the rocks in this way one by one into the water and once your sack is empty you are done.

This will disconnect you from the problems that you opted to deal with. You can of course always choose to bring them back into your space, so just know that you have let them go and dwell on them no more. Find a way to distract yourself if you find that you are starting to wonder about them again.

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