Thursday, February 16, 2017

How To Get Happy by Being More Like Your Dog

The new year is in full swing and once again we are back to work or school. Our minds are engaged, our lives are full, and we are probably less relaxed than we were during our time off for the holidays.

So how can you stay in touch with that sensation of relaxation even while you are mentally engaged in your daily tasks? As odd as it may sound, if you spend just 5 minutes a day being like your dog, you can easily get back in touch with that relaxed state.

It's called "dog mind." Dog mind is how dogs and most animals spend their days. Have you ever watched your dog for long periods of time? When relaxed, he sits or lies down. He has his eyes open but isn't necessarily watching or thinking anything in particular. He's in dog mind.

How can you achieve dog mind? Simple. Get into a relaxed position and keep your eyes open. Move your head slowly back and forth so that your eyes take in the things around you, and focus on keeping your mind completely blank and silent. It sometimes helps to hold your breath for a few seconds while you do this - suspending the breath seems to help some of us suspend our thoughts.

You may only be able to hold this silent state for a few seconds before thoughts intrude. When thoughts do come in, take a deep breath and hold it while you scan your surroundings again.

To find out whether you're really in dog mind, scan the room with your eyes without keeping your mind blank. Notice all the thoughts, opinions, and associations that flood your mind. Now take a deep breath and slide back into dog mind. Notice the difference.

If you're ready for an advanced form of this exercise, look at different signs or banners as you move about town. Focus on looking at those signs without reading them. Simply see the letters and numbers as you would see any other object in your environment.

Spending just a few minutes in dog mind each day can reset your emotional tone to one of high, positive vibration. In that high state, you can attract and manifest what you want in life much more easily than in your normal state. Not bad for a dog, right?

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