Thursday, September 22, 2016

Ritual Magic for When Steam is Coming Out of Your Ears!

When using protection magic or magic for self-defense purposes, you are quite often dealing with fire energies. Someone may be directing violence, anger or negativity your way which would all fall into the category of fire energy. Using ritual magic for self-defense is a great way to protect yourself from an outside physical or psychic attack, but if you are not used to handling fire energy you could end up taking excess fire energy into your body and not getting rid of it all. This can lead to headaches, a variety of aches and pains, tension and stress, hyperactivity or even extra anger on your part.

In our Magical Self Defense Course, we cover ways to safely handle fire energies when practicing protection magic. One way we teach to get rid of this excess fire energy from yourself is to use a direct flow technique that rids you of excess fire energy after you have used protection magic or actually anytime you start noticing these type of symptoms in yourself that let you know you have an excess of fire energy. It's like self-defense against your own anger so you don't ruin your whole day.

Here's how to use the direct flow technique as protection magic against your own anger, pain and fire excesses:
1. Place your output hand on a large electrical ground (such as light switch, electrical outlet or refrigerator).

2. See and/or feel the energy and push the pain, anger or other excess energy down your arm and out through your hand. It is good to look at a corresponding color of the exact fire energy you are trying to push out to make sure you are accessing the correct energies (see more below).

3. Keep pushing the energy out until you feel a decrease in the symptoms (ie. – pain diminishes, anger starts to fade...)

It can take several minutes for the excess energy to get all pushed out of your body, so an alternative is to lie on your back, put your feet on the refrigerator and push the excess energy out your feet. You also want to make sure you are pushing out the correct type of fire energy. Here are some examples of the fire energy colors and their related symptoms. Use this to visually look at the appropriate color as you flow or push out the energy.

Sun Yellow – over enthusiasm, wide awake when should be sleeping

Yellow Orange – jumpy, nervous, anxious, shaky, trembling, frustrated

Red Orange – angry, irritable, red-faced, feverish, physical pain or aches, frustrated in an angry or aggressive way

Bright Red – overheated, fast metabolism, over dramatic, fast living

Deep Red/Red Purple – skin rashes, high blood pressure, dull headaches

The direct flow technique works great to get rid of your own excess fire energies, but can also be used as protection magic on someone else who is directing their excess fire energy (ie. – anger, negativity..) towards you. Just as it will drain the excess fire energy from your own body, you can use it to drain fire energy from another person. The technique is pretty much the same, only hold your input hand towards the other person, pulling in the fire energy they are emitting while holding your output hand on your grounding source (or pointing towards it). With practice you can get to where you don't have to actually put your hand on the ground object anymore, but can just point your output hand towards it. Be sure no one else walks between you and your ground object (including pets) while you are flowing this fire energy as it can affect them negatively. Quite often when using this technique with an angry or over-excited person, they will just stop in mid-sentence and look confused wondering where their energy went and what they were going to say next.

This is just one of the simple self defense techniques of protection magic we present in our Magical Self Defense Homestudy Course. With a little practice, it is easy to do, requires no tools and is something you can use almost anywhere, anytime it is needed. So the next time you find yourself about to "blow your top" or with "steam coming out your ears", stick your feet on the fridge instead and ground out your excess fire energy.

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