Thursday, September 29, 2016

Is Magic Real Without Faith?

"Is Magic Real?" "Is Witchcraft Real?" "Is magic real and can I really do magic like what I see in the Harry Potter movies?" These are without a doubt the number one questions we get asked daily. The short version answer is Yes, magic is real and you can really do it. The longer version answer is that real magic is not quite what you see in the Harry Potter movies. Some principles, practices, rituals and magical tools have a resemblance to what you see in these fantasy shows and books, but there are also many discrepancies and magical happenings that are purely fictional. For example, Harry and his friends use their Wands as multi-purpose magical tools. Real magic uses the Wand as the tool for channeling or flowing the Air element. Since a Wand is made of wood, it is terrible for conducting Fire energies because wood burns. No real Wand can continuously conduct all four magical elements on a consistent basis and survive.

Back to our question, "Is Magic Real?" Again the short answer is yes, but part of the longer answer is for any individual, what you pay into your magical or witchcraft practice pays you back. So in other words, WE know magic is real and that spellwork works, daily magical rituals can improve one's life and daily problems can be resolved, but if magic is not real to YOU or if you don't devote time to the practice then you probably aren't going to see results and you might then decide it is not real. Rather than asking us, Is Magic Real?, we'd rather you take the information in our resource articles, blog, ebooks, courses and Kindle books, and try the exercises out for yourself. Then you can answer the question for yourself about Is Magic Real.

What we believe people are really asking when they say Is Magic Real, is will magic work for me, will magic help me get what I want out of life or can magic improve my life. Whereas we know it will, it is a difficult question for us to answer for any one individual because we don't want you to take our word for it. The way we teach witchcraft and magic is by hypothesis. We want you to read the material or listen to techniques, spellwork procedures and rituals in courses and then try them for yourselves exactly as taught. Exactly as taught is important because magic is a precision science and altered procedures produce altered results. This is one reason some people find magic does not work for them. They don't follow directions exactly and either get results they don't want or they get no results. After you give the procedures a try following the descriptions exactly, then YOU decide for yourself based on your experience and observation whether magic can be useful and helpful in your life, whether magic really does work for you and answer the question for yourself, Is Magic Real.

Really the only true way you will be a believer in magic is to try it yourself. We have found over the many years of teaching that students may want to believe or say they do but on a deeper level they really aren't convinced. We don't see it as our job to convince anyone or defend magical practices in any way. It is for each person to try out and experience for themselves and come to their own conclusions. Once you produce your own proof, you will find your own faith and belief in magic. By providing the learning tools, we offer anyone interested in pursuing a magical life a way to achieve it.

Once you try out the rituals and techniques for yourself, you open the door for it and can watch the miracles manifest before your eyes. You will then have your own proof and know that magical practices are real, effective and useful in your everyday practical life. If you are ready to begin your journey into magic, a good place to start is with Kindle books. You don't even have to have a Kindle to access them. A Smart Phone, tablet or any computer will do it. So get your copies now and let the Magic Begin!

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