Tuesday, June 28, 2016

How Do You Do That Voodoo That You Do?

Easy as pie, of course! Voodoo is nothing more than a specialized branch of magic that focuses on the use of simulacra (such as voodoo dolls) to achieve magical results. Our Voodoo ebook teaches you the basics of this branch of magic. For example. You will learn to...
  • facilitate communication with people and higher beings
  • divination
  • long distance healing
  • magical protection and self defense
  • using magical tools
  • banishments
Having an understanding of certain magical operational laws will help you in your voodoo practice. With a foundation of these magical laws you will be better prepared to create safe and effective voodoo spells. For example, these laws will show you that ancient or esoteric names, words or symbols must not be used without a thorough and full understanding of their meanings, pronunciations and complete references. These operational laws include:

Similarity - physical likeness creates a psychic likeness and resonance, the degree of resonance being directly proportional to the degree of physical likeness.

Identity - a physical part (piece or component) remains part of and contains the psychic whole, unless special magical operations are done to alter this.

Relationship - once there has been physical contact, there is continuing psychic contact, unless special magical action is taken to break the contact.

Symbols - a symbol may be created for any object, process or other phenomenon.

Substitution - in a magical or psychic or spiritual operation a symbol may be substituted (in the operation) for any object, process or other phenomenon.

Contagion - something done to a part, a likeness or a symbol that produces a similar effect on the divided-whole, the likened or the symbolized.

Duplication - an effect created in the physical is duplicated in the psychic and an effect created in the psychic is duplicated in the physical ("As Above, So Below").

These laws give you an idea of how voodoo magic works. This type of practice can really enhance your magical practice. To learn more about how these operational laws work and can be used in developing your own magical voodoo practice, get the How To Do Voodoo ebook.

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