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Magick to the Rescue Part 7: Lost? Find Your Way with Magickal Bread Crumbs

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The Esoteric School receives frequent requests from people asking for guidance and answers along this life journey, be it answers to questions about career and family or guidance on Spirit paths. While many schools of magickal or esoteric teaching tend to charge high prices for such services, the Esoteric School is more about offering many different wants for the "every man and every woman" to find their own answers through simple magickal rituals and options. Through our blog and newsletters, our article library, and inexpensive self-paced courses, our goal is to allow as many people to bring magick into their lives as possible.

Of course, if you feel lost in your life then browsing through our online article library can seem a big overwhelming task. Knowing where to begin in your use of magick can be as important as the use of magick itself. The following section offers five different ways you can discover answers and find your way on your path magickally, step-by-step... or if you are into fairy tales, bread crumb by bread crumb. If and when you feel lost, scan through the following list and find the option that attracts your attention. Your attention--and your intention--will get you started in the direction you need to go. Then all you need to do is follow the first bread crumb to the next, and the next, and the next... and before you know it you will be striding with confidence down a pathway lit with magickal help and guidance!

Magickal Solution #1: Follow the First Answer You Hear
Whether you are completely lost and have no idea what you want in your life, or you are just a little muddled about your next step to reach your goal, the Universe is always happy to deliver answers to you instantly. Many students have tried this approach with surprisingly positive results. The Universe will answer any question you ask deliberately with an immediate answer.

The steps to this ritual are simple. Simply say to yourself or out loud in a voice of command: "Universe please provide me an answer to the question I will ask. I will follow the first answer I hear, trusting that you know exactly what I want and will not lead me astray. [Ask your question here]." You don't have to use these exact words, but follow the intent of the words and phrases, and announce to the Universe that you want and need guidance to a certain question. The question could be as big as a new direction for your career and as small as to whether you have a cup of coffee in the morning.

The key is to follow the first answer that the Universe provides, which will be the first answer you hear. You might hear the answer as a voice in your mind (and even in your own voice). You might hear a snippet of a conversation from a passing group of strangers. A song lyric may possess the answer you seek. The important thing is to take and follow the FIRST answer you hear. The answer may seem crazy at the moment or not in sync with your question, but just use your best judgment as to how to use that answer. You will be amazed at the results. At the next crossroads on your path, ask the Universe the next question. This will lead you from bread crumb to bread crumb until you find your way along your path. More importantly, you will have developed a relationship of trust with the Universe. You will have greater trust with each answer you receive, and proceed with ever greater confidence!

Magickal Solution #2: Pick a Card, Any Card
Just as a magician doing stage magic might invite you to pick a card, any card, and then guess the card without looking at it, the Universe also invites you to pick a card to find answers to questions you seek. Only there's no smoke or mirrors when you play the "pick a card" game with the Universe... just the answers you seek. You can use Medicine Cards, Angel Cards, Tarot Cards, Sacred Path Cards... whichever set of cards calls to you.

First, ask your question to the Universe, either out loud or in your mind. Next, pick up your deck of choice and shuffle the deck until the mix feels "right" to you. Then fan out the cards on a table and choose a card. Or cut the deck and take the top card. Or use any method you like. Just remain consistent in your approach.

This card is your "theme of the day" as well as the answer to your question. Most of these decks come with books that explain the meaning of each card, often with each card having two different meanings depending on whether the card is upright or reversed. Choose your card, note its position (upright or reversed) and then read the meaning of the card. As with all the methods offered in this article, follow the advice offered by the card as best you can. Most of the time the answer will mesh neatly with the question. If not, hold the answer in mind as you go about your day. Chances are that the meaning of the card will appear more clear as the day goes on. If not, sleep on it and see what your dreams tell you about the card. Answers may trickle through your mind and consciousness in the most amusing and interesting ways.

Magickal Solution #3: Create Your Own Method
Ancient proverbs, wise gurus, and other spiritual teachers have often said that we know what is best for ourselves, and that the answers we seek can be found within our own hearts. If this be true, one of the neatest magickal ways to gain answers is to create your own method for the Universe to deliver answers. One person took seven different books, opened each book to a random page, and underlined a word or phrase. She then arranged the seven books in an ordered stack. Finally, she opened each book to the page she had marked and wrote down the word or phrase. The combined words and phrases from the seven books made up her "answer" from the Universe. Invariably, though there were missing words, the message was quite complete and readable. More importantly, the message made perfect sense to the person. She continues to use this method to this day to gain the answers she seeks. Other people have asked people they encounter what's happening in their lives. The answers may be deep or shallow (depending on whether the people were strangers or friends), and the answers have always shed light on the asking person's situation. The person may have had to "dig" or "decipher" the meaning, the answer was always there to find.

Magickal Solution #4: Reach Out and Touch Someone
This method is similar to the one just previously discussed. Only, this time, instead of asking a bunch of different people you encounter about what is happening in their lives, you reach out to a person with whom you have not had contact for a very long time. Perhaps a friend who was also a neighbor moved away and you lost contact over the years. Or maybe you changed jobs, and you now move in different social circles. Dig back through your old contacts and see if one jumps out at you. If so, then ask the Universe your question and request that the answer come from the conversation with the person with whom you are about to speak. Then pick up the phone and reach out to that person. However you go about choosing a person from your distant past, the Universe will find a way to send the answers you seek humming across the telephone wires or into the internet chats. The Universe encompasses all methods of technology, new and old.

Magickal Solution #4: Astrocartography
Those who have been members of 12-step programs have probably often heard that "geographic moves" won't solve life problems since "everywhere you go there you are." It is true that we carry ourselves and unique personality quirks with us wherever we go. At the same time, it is also magickally true that there are different places on Planet Earth that are more or less beneficial to us in a variety of ways. Some places are better for our health, while other places are better for finances or relationships. Spiritual development can be easier in certain locations, while our careers may flourish in yet other locations. Some locations have multiple benefits with few drawbacks.

Astrocartography, which is the science of mapping our astrology onto a global map, can help us find the best places for certain areas of our lives. Astrocartography can help us locate "power places" for various aspects of our lives. Many sites on the internet offer this service, and the cost is inexpensive. Some sites offer you readings on three places around the globe, while other sites offer you a global reading, which tells you where different lines from your astrological chart cross on the globe, and offering pros and cons for each location. If you are looking for a new and interesting method of finding magickal answers to your questions, consider browsing around astrocartography sites to see if they pique your interest!

Magickal Solution #5: The Good Old Coin Flip
The Universe is just as happy to offer answers through complex rituals such as Question Circles as it is through simple methods such as flipping a coin. If you are looking for a simple "Yes or No" answer, sometimes flipping a coin is the way to go. One of our students uses the coin flip for the most important decisions in his life. And guess what? The answers have never led him anywhere other than where he wanted to go. You, of course, may not be ready to put major life decisions in the result of a simple coin flip. Instead, start small. Prepare your coin by holding it in your dominant hand and flowing energy into the coin until the coin feels warm, energized, or charged. Decide which side of the coin means "Yes" and which side means "No." Also decide how you will flip your coin. Will you flip the coin with one hand, catch it in the same hand and then place the coin over top of your other hand? Or will you simply catch the coin in the same hand and see which side faces up? As with all of these magickal "bread crumb" methods, choose a method for your magickal work, and then consistently use this method every single time. Now you are ready. Ask the Universe your question, again aloud or in your mind, and flip your coin. Note the answer and go with it.

Even if the answer seems contradictory to what you expected, follow the answer that appears. Along with following a consistent magickal procedure, trusting and following the answers provided by the Universe will help you develop a strong relationship of trust with the Universe. If you second-guess every answer you receive through these methods, then you might as well seek the help of a counselor or business coach. All of the previous methods, like much of the magick we teach, is aimed at helping you develop your own personal relationship with the Universe, without the need to seek the help of a magickal practitioner. While there is certainly a time and place for seeking guidance and help from others, how much more magickal would your life be if you could directly ask the Universe for the answers you seek? Wouldn't life be so much more magickal, more fun, and more miraculous?

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