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Magick to the Rescue Part 6: Accept Where You Are

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Most of the time we humans tend to think that we are in control of our lives. And for the most part the Universe (substitute the name of the Higher Being closest to you) allows us to have that illusion of control. And then just when we think we have our lives just how we want them (or not), those pesky higher beings sweep in and change our lives, often quite drastically. The results can be devastating. Sometimes we end up with debt up to our ears because a law was passed in a country halfway around the world. Other times some sort of freedom is taken away from us, be it the bars of a jail or the loss of freedom of movement due to paralysis of the body. Yet other times a person we love is taken from us.

No matter what drastic event has occurred in your life, you are left high and dry in a very sudden way. The landscape looks bleak. You probably feel shell-shocked with no idea how to proceed, or even what to do when you get out of bed each day.

Magick to the Rescue: Accept Where You Are

Magick can help you get out of life's messes with amazing speed and miraculous results. But before you can move on, you first have to accept where you are. Using magick to change your life is very similar to looking at those giant map kiosks at the mall that show the location of each store and restaurant. But the map cannot help you in the slightest until you find the bright red arrow or dot that says, "You are here."

So whatever drastic or tragic life event has happened, find the place inside yourself that says, "I am here. This is what has happened to me, and I accept that, for now, my life is x, y, and z." Be as factual in your description of your current life situation as you can. Avoid using negative adjectives. For instance, if you have accumulated a lot of debt, instead of saying, "I have such an enormously shameful amount of debt," use a statement that is more factual, such as, "The current amount of debt to my name is $x." Thus you are not shaming, blaming, or complaining about the debt, but are simply stating that the debt associated with your name is x amount. Notice how the statement also did not say, "My debt is x, y, and z." While it is true that you are the one who will have to pay back the debt, you don't really want to claim it the way you claim your favorite little black dress or your best set of golf clubs. The goal is to accept the level of debt without adding greater personal attachment to it.

Magick to the Rescue: Create a Practical Plan and Test It!

When confronted with a drastic life change, the idea of creating a practical plan can seem ridiculous. After all, there is panicking to attend to, who has time to create a practical plan? You do. And you must. If you don't create a practical plan to hoist yourself out of hot water, who will?

Luckily, magick can also help you with the practical. The process is a simple combination of a number of rituals. Ready? Good. You will need a bright yellow candle, paper or wooden matches, a pen, and paper. Here's how you use your magick to create a practical plan to get you out of hot water, bit by bit:

1. Give you and your Spirit Guides a spiritual boost by charging a Sun Candle (this is a mini candle spell). Get a bright yellow candle (no orange overtones), preferably in glass for safety. Sit in the South facing North with your candle in front of you. Use your paper or wooden matches to light your candle. When the flame becomes tall and strong, cup your hands around the flame, and then say in a voice of command:

"Child of Wonder
Child of Flame
Nourish My Spirit
And Protect My Aim!"

2. Now set the candle to the side, send up a short prayer of thanks and request for help to the higher (if you like), and pick up your pen and paper. Think about your current life "problem or situation" and spend no more than five minutes writing a list of practical action steps that might improve your life situation. Write anything and everything that comes to mind, whether or not the idea seems useful, practical, distasteful, or impossible. Simply write. Don't think. Allow ideas to flow through the pen from higher beings onto paper. Consider your writing channeling rather than thinking. Allow the higher beings you invited into your sacred space with the Sun Candle and your request for help to flow their creativity and ideas through your pen and onto the paper.

3. Once you have completed your writing, you will now dowse your list to determine which items are meant for present use, which ideas will come in handy later, and which items you may never use. To begin, start with your non-dominant hand. Touch the tip of the index finger and thumb of that hand together so the fingers form an "O". Ensure that the other fingers are pointing slightly up so that they don't interfere with the space inside the "O" shape. Now put the index finger of your dominant hand in the center of the "O" formed by the fingers of your non-dominant hand. Say in a voice of command, "Show me Yes!" Then with force use the index finger of your dominant hand to try to break the bond of the fingers forming the "O" shape. If you are successful, then each time you are able to break the bond of the fingers forming the "O", the answer to the question you ask during dowsing is "Yes." Now repeat procedure this time saying, "Show me No!" The opposite action should occur. If the fingers parted for "Yes," they should hold together for "No." Practice this a few times so you are clear about the signals for "Yes" and "No."

Don't worry if you get conflicting signals at first. Simply practice the "Yes" and "No" a few times and use the most common results for "Yes" and "No." For instance, if the fingers part most of the time for "Yes," then this becomes your signal for the answer "Yes," and closed finger means "No." Don't spend a lot of time worrying about this step. Just get a feeling for the signal for each answer, and then move on to the next step.

4. In this step you will combine the list you wrote with finger-testing. For each item on the list, ask the following questions:

"Is this item likely to be useful in solving my life situation [describe your life situation in a few words] at all in the future?"

"Will this item be useful in solving my life situation [describe it using the same words] either in the present or in the near future, [state a time from such as "three to six months from today"]?"

"Will this item be useful in solving my life situation [describe it using the same words] in the far future, [state a logical time frame such as "six more months from today"]?"

Jot down the Yes/No answers for all three questions for each action item or possible solution you listed.

5. Rewrite your list into three separate lists, separated by whether the item on your list will be helpful in the present or near future, helpful in the far future, or not helpful at all.  Don't throw away the list of items that are ostensibly "not helpful at all" because the future is always changing. A decision or action you take now or in a few weeks could move an item from one list to another.

6. Now place just the list of items that your dowsing deemed useful for the present and near future. Using the same finger-testing method, ask yourself:

"Are there other ideas or solutions that would be helpful to me now or in the [state your time frame for "near future" here] that are not yet on this list?"

If the answer is "Yes," then ask an angel to help you complete your list. Say aloud or internally,

"I would like to request the help of an angel of Sun Yellow, Water Blue, Grass Green, and Sky Blue who specializes in [state the problem for which you want the angel's help]..." 

 [pause here for a few seconds to allow the angel to appear]...

"Angel of Sun Yellow, Water Blue, Grass Green, and Sky Blue who specializes in [state the problem for which you want the angel's help], I would like to request your help in completing this list of items that will help me in the present and near future so that I can move forward in my life and solve this particular problem. I thank you in advance for your help!"

Always thank higher beings in advance for their help. It is a show of good faith and is also a polite way to interact with higher beings. Then be prepared with pen and paper handy because chances are high that the angel will absolutely flood you with information, ideas, strategies, tactics, and insights that will amaze you! Once the flow of information has stopped, thank the angel again for the help--again, appreciation is valuable and much loved by higher beings, not to mention the only form of payment they require.

7. Finally, take your newly expanded list of ideas and actions that can help you tackle your sticky life problem in the present and near future. Arrange the list chronologically based on importance and timing. You can put some items concurrently if you feel that working on both items in parallel will help. Finally, if you want to double check your list, use finger testing to ask whether each item is in the correct order. If not, use finger testing to check whether the item should be moved up or down the list, and how far.

Once complete, you now have an action of plan for moving through, around, over, under, or simply beyond the curve ball that life has thrown into your life. You no longer need to feel stuck, helpless, hopeless, or angry about your life. Take comfort in the fact that even though your hands did the writing and finger testing, angels and higher beings were guiding your pen and your fingers every step of the way.

One final piece of advice: magickally, we say, "a small change in the present produces a larger change in the future." That means that acting on even one of the seemingly insignificant items on your list could result in a much bigger change in your future. The future is never fixed but is always dependent on the present. The moral of the story is to check your "present" and "future" and "never" lists frequently to see if items need to be added, removed, shifted in position, or moved to a different list. Your fingers will always steer you in the right magickal direction! To learn more about communicating with higher beings and using divination, check out our Psychic Development ebook.

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