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Magick to The Rescue Part 2: When Life Isn't Fair

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Have you ever had an experience that made you stomp your foot and say, "Life's not fair!"? Most people have, and the fact of the matter is that often life isn't fair.

So what can you do when life has dealt you an unfair event, and it appears that you have painted yourself into a corner with no way out? How about when you find yourself in a situation where there seem to be no options, no recourse?

Look to magick, of course! One of the best things about magick is that there are very few situations that magick cannot fix. There are some situations, of course, where magick is not recommended because of karmic debt, life lessons, and certain other specific situations. For the most part, though, magick can create wonderful and surprising outcomes out of situations that are downright unfair. When you find yourself stuck in an unfair situation, consider the ritual outlined below as a possible option. You may have to do a little creative adjustment to the steps since this writeup is short, so it is not possible to cover every unfair situation in life.

Step #1: Divine the Players and Factors
While you may already know who is involved in putting you into this unfair situation, doing a divination to discover all the possible players and factors contributing to your situation is always a good idea. When you know all the players and factors involved in your situation, you will more easily be able to handle the situation thoroughly in the following steps.

A question circle is one of the best ways to gather as much information about your situation as possible. Question circles empower you to ask for help and information from the four directions, as well as Sky and Earth. There are many forms of question circles, but in this case all you need to use is a simple circle. Gather a notebook, pen, and bright yellow sun candle plus wooden or paper matches. You will also need a fairly open area for the circle, a space at least seven feet across. Finally, you will need to know the four cardinal directions of East, South, West, and North. If you are unsure, take a compass outside to figure out which direction is which. Do not attempt to use the compass inside as there is too much electromagnetic energy that interferes with a compass reading.

Now you are ready to start your question circle. Enter your circle from the East and sit in the center of your circle, sitting in the South facing North with your Sun Candle in front of you. Light your candle with wooden or paper matches, and wait until the flame is tall and strong. Then cup your hands around the flame and say in a voice of command:

"Child of Wonder
Child of Flame
Nourish My Spirit
And Protect My Aim!"

Now focus on the candle flame and become very curious about and interested in discovering all the players and factors involved in your situation, along with possible solutions or loopholes. Sit in meditation about this for two to three minutes. Then leave the Sun Candle in the middle of the circle (perhaps surrounded by glass or on a plate for safety), and walk clockwise around the circle until you reach the East.

Seat yourself comfortably in the East, facing East (the outside of the circle), and take a moment to breathe slowly and relax. Focus on the problem at hand. Then, with your pen and pad ready. say in the voice of command, "Winds of the East, Bearers of Knowledge, I request your help with [briefly describe your situation here]. Please tell me all the factors, players, and other issues related to my situation in a way that I can clearly understand. I thank you in advance for your help." Then be prepared to write like crazy. The Winds tend to deliver information in bulk and with speed. Sometimes you may have to simply jot down keywords and fill in the blanks later. Once the flow of information has stopped, you may do two things. If there are items on your list that are unclear, you may ask the winds to clarify by saying, "Winds of the East, Bearers of Knowledge, I thank you for this information. I ask if you could clarify [name the item here]." Then write more until the flow of information stops. You may ask for clarification up the three times. When you are done, say, "Winds of the East, Bearers of Knowledge, I give great thanks for the information you have given me today." Wait a few moments and see if you feel the Winds acknowledging you. Some people do, some people don't. Either way, waiting for a response is polite. Take the time now to fill in your notes before moving clockwise to sit in the South.

Repeat the same procedure for the remaining three directions, using the following forms of address:
"Winds of the South, Bearers of Power..."
"Winds of the West, Bearers of Feeling... "
"Winds of the North, Bearers of the Strength... "

Once you have completed those three directions, walk clockwise around the circle and seat yourself in the center, facing East. Now put your attention first up toward the Sky and perform the same sequence of steps as you did with each direction. Then put your attention down into the Earth, again following the same steps. Use the following forms of address:
"Sky Beings Above, ..."
"Earth Beings Below... "

Finally, sit in the center of your circle and sort through your notes. Jot down and highlight the most pertinent points. Then move on to Step #2.

Step#2: The Effect of Others and Your Own Effects
From the copious amounts of information, you should be able to identify which people are affecting your situation, as well as which of your actions are negatively affecting you situation. Your job is now to write a list of all the people and factors (aside from yourself) that are causing your unfair life situation. Make a second list of all of your own actions and habits and behaviors that are affecting the situation.

You will deal with the people and factors on the first list in the next step. In this step, think about how you can change the way you behave and think about the unfair life situation. Is there any way to think about the situation differently? Could you reframe the situation to say that it is certainly not fair but it is equal? After all, not all of us are dealt the same hand of cards. If you simply carry a lot of negative energy with you, consider carrying a hematite or Apache Tear obsidian stone with you. Every time you feel negative, hold the stone in your dominant hand and flow all of that energy down your arm and into the stone. The stone will send the energy to the half world, never to return again. If you decide to change one small aspect of your behavior, perhaps create a keepsake to remind you of your commitment. For instance, if you decide not to engage with a particularly obnoxious co-worker, carry a small angel charm or wear a ring to signify your commitment to change this one small thing. Hold the charm or ring in your dominant hand and flow your conviction to keep this commitment into the object. Once done, carry this item around with you always. When you feel the need to tangle with this particular co-worker, hold your talisman and remember your promise to yourself. You will find your commitment easier to keep.

Now that we have addressed your effects on your situation, move on to the next step to learn how to deal with the other people and factors that make your situation so unfair.

Step #3: Magickally Handling Outside People and Factors
To deal with outside people and factors affecting you situation, return to your question circle. Light and charge the Sun Candle as you did before, using the same charge verse "Child of Wonder..." Now look at your list. Take the first person or factor on your list. See the person standing just outside your circle, trying to get in. Point your finger at that person and say in a voice of command:

"I am neither your creature nor your get
To be ruled by your whim or your let
I go my own way by night or by day
To serve my own purposes yet!"

As you say the verses, see the person melt away or fade away or run away. Then move on to the next factor or person. When dealing with factors, use the best image that represents that factor. For instance, if you are dealing with a law, then see a law book or a scroll on which the law is written. Use your imagination. This is your protection circle so use the imagery that is most meaningful to you.

At the End of the Day
Most of the time doing this ritual once takes care of most situations. However, if your situation is complicated or changes constantly, then you may want to repeat this ritual as much as possible. The good news is that the more magic you use in your life, the more force you will gain in your level of being. The more force you have in your level of being, the less unfair situations will be foisted up you! It's magick to the rescue every time you find yourself stuck in a seemingly hopeless situation! You can get more magic rituals to work on issues in your daily life in our ebook Daily Rituals for Attracting What You Want in Life or in our Kindle book Witchcraft Spell Book: The Complete Guide of Witchcraft Rituals & Spells for Beginners.

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