Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Gratitude as Money

One of the most frequent requests for help that we receive is around the issue of money. There are many different magickal ways to attract money, increase your bank account, or solve monetary problems. Many people find simple candle spells with a well-defined set of Directors and Limiters (what you want and what you don't want) works very well. Many people also like this approach because it seems to tackle the issue directly.

However, many of the same people who use this approach find that they have to use money spells frequently because they often need to solve financial problems. This is usually because some aspect of their lifestyle consistently produces a lack of money.

Another magickal approach to more permanently solving financial problems is to do a simple daily magickal ritual. This ritual is mostly about changing one's view of the world, as well as altering the energy that one puts out into the world.

Money As Energy
When you spend money you can easily see the exchange being made: dollars for goods or services. You can also see the exchange when you work to receive a paycheck: money in exchange for your work effort. But if you look behind all of these transactions, you will see that an energy exchange is at the heart of all of these transactions. When you work for a paycheck, you are being paid for the energy that you expend in different ways. Similarly, when you buy an item, you are ultimately paying for the energy that went into producing that item.

So money is really just a form of energy that we humans trade back and forth many times per day.

If we look at what occurs on the next higher spiritual level, we will see this energy exchange even more clearly. Consider the angels. They help us whenever we ask. So how do angels get paid? Partially by helping us. Angels get "brownie points," if you will, by helping us. These brownie points help angels ascend up their evolutionary ladder. Beyond that though, angels are paid in the spiritual coin of appreciation and gratitude.

If you consider the process we outline for hiring an angel for help from the higher, we recommend that people thank angels when they request help, while waiting for help to arrive, and after the desired result has manifested. When we express our gratitude to our angels before, during, and after the whole process, we are paying angels with the spiritual coin of gratitude. What's more, we are exchanging energy, which is at the heart of the monetary exchange system. Instead of dollars, we use the energy of gratitude and appreciation to pay the angels.

At the end of the day, whether we consider spending and receiving money or doing the same with gratitude and appreciation, we are exchanging energy with beings on the Earth plane as well as beings on higher spiritual planes.

How to Use Gratitude to Increase the Money in Your Life
Using the above idea that gratitude is the spiritual coin we use to barter with higher beings, and considering the idea that all types of money (on Earth and on higher spiritual planes) are simply exchanges of energy, we can come to a radical conclusion. Any form of energy exchange can be profitable. So what does that mean?

Let's say that you have a financial crisis in your life. You have more bills than you have money. In addition, the bills are due and you have no idea where to get the money to pay the bills. Can you use another form of money to pay your bills? Yes... albeit in an indirect way. Instead of getting a second job to pay your bills, how about using spiritual coins to pay your bills?

This is how you can use spiritual coin to attract enough money into your life to pay your bills. For the next 40 days, spend as much spiritual coin as you can. In other words, for the next 40 days feel as much gratitude and appreciation as you can about anything and everything in your life. In addition, spend as much spiritual coin as you can for the next 40 days. That is, express as much gratitude and appreciation to others as you can. When you express gratitude to someone, they are paid in spiritual coin that gives them a spiritual boost. The Universe notices that you have paid someone with spiritual coin that led to a higher state of being for the recipient. According to the Law of Karma, what comes around goes around (or, what you sow so shall you reap). The Universe will then convert that expression of gratitude into something you need: money to pay your bills.

This may sound a little crazy, but if you try this experiment for the next 40 days, you will be amazed at the variety of sources from which your money will come. If you spend the next 40 days noticing every "little joy" in your life, expressing sincere gratitude and appreciation to others (and yourself!), you will be paid tenfold in both physical money and spiritual coin. It is Universal Law. You need only practice this to verify the truth of this law for yourself.

It's a good idea to keep notes about your starting point, the ways you express and feel joy and gratitude and appreciation in your life, and the flow of money and spiritual coin that is returned to you. Keep track of the ways in which you spend your spiritual coin as you would a bank ledger. Then see what changes are reflected in your actual checking account ledger. You will be surprised at how quickly both ledgers fill up on the positive side with credits in abundance.

Gratitude and appreciation require only true sincerity and the willingness to keep an open mind. Spending a little energy each day giving yourself and others a spiritual boost costs so little that the risk and reward ratio is very good. If it doesn't work (but it will), you have lost nothing more than a few kind words that are appreciated by those around you. Learn more about daily rituals and how they can enhance your life and bring magic to your life with our Daily Rituals for Attracting What You Want in Life ebook.

Ready... Set... Spend!

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