Thursday, October 30, 2014

Esoteric School Discovery Guide to Magic – Part VI

Use the Walking Litany as a Protective Shield

Moving forward in the series of our discovery guide to magic, we are now going to explore another aspect of the Navajo Beauty Way – the Walking Litany. A litany is a type of chant that is in effect a continuous walking spell that is used to create an effect on the person saying it. When you do the Walking Litany it puts a temporary three-dimensional energetic whirling protective magical shield up around you that can separate you from time, space and events and can be programmed to deflect certain types of energies and experiences by how it is keyed. Doing this litany can actually change the level of your being and by Universal law changing the level of your being changes the level of your life. This makes the Walking Litany a great magical tool.

How to Do the Walking Litany
Before starting in on the Walking Litany it is good to prepare yourself for this litany by taking a few moments to check in on your current condition. How are you feeling now physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually? After doing the litany, check in with yourself on these levels again as you will generally find your state has changed. The litany needs to be said out loud in rhythm with your footsteps as you walk for at least the length of two city blocks. Repeat the litany verses over and over until you stop walking. The basic verse for this litany is:

"With power around me, I walk in the world. With power within me, I walk in the world. This one carries power. This one walks in power."

You can make changes in the verse according to what you want to accomplish. For example if you want to create a state of invisibility for yourself change the word "power" to invisibility. The Walking Litany is good for using anytime you feel a need to regain personal power or create a more positive state for yourself, or create sacred space.

Having this litany as part of your magical toolbox gives you a powerful magic operation that can make remarkable changes in your life. As you start doing the Walking Litany and taking note of the changes it brings to your life, we invite you to join our magical community on Facebook and share your results.

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