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Esoteric School Discovery Guide to Magic – Part V

More on The Beauty of the Beauty Way Exit Ritual

As we continue in our discovery guide to magic series, we can't move on without saying a little more about the Beauty Way Exit Ritual since this is such a great magical daily ritual to use in establishing a relationship with the Universe.

Benefits of the Beauty Way
By nature, deep inside ourselves is always a peaceful, happy and serene place. We often just get sidetracked by life and don't remember how to access that part of ourselves. The Exit Ritual, which we described in detail in Part IV of this series, is a contact type of daily ritual that can help us get to that place. Several forms of the Beauty Way have been used by the Navajos helping them stay connected with their cultural identity as they were moved to reservation life. While this ritual has gone by other names and dates even further back in tribal use by other ancient peoples, the Navajos are among the most recent to utilize this type of contact ritual. This is a non-denominational spiritual ritual that can help one restore personal power, establish a working relationship with higher powers and beings, bring safety and protection and help people or groups of people maintain spiritual integrity through stressful or changing times. There is also an added health benefit to doing this daily ritual. By having us extend our energies up and down, this ritual helps to realign our life force or chi which restores a healthy balance to our energies that are affected by the electromagnetic fields that we are surrounded by from TVs, radios, microwaves, computer, cell phones and so on.

Consistency is Key
When you first begin doing the Exit Ritual, it is quite common to go outside and go on about everyday tasks and then suddenly realize you didn't do the ritual. While the ritual itself is pretty simple, the hard part is remembering to do it consistently. We all do this in the beginning so don't be too hard on yourself if you notice this happening. Benjamin Franklin said it takes at least 21 days to form a new habit and many spiritual disciplines believe it takes 40 days for a new practice to really become part of your experience consistently. Establishing a relationship with magical beings however does require consistency just like any relationship does. You know that if you neglect a friendship or relationship and only sporadically have contact with that person, it weakens the bond. The same is true here so don't beat yourself up about it, but do strive for consistently doing the ritual every time you leave an enclosed space such as a building or car. If you need a little help remembering, post a sticky note on the dash of your car or by the door you normally go out to remind yourself. It's also never too late to do the ritual, so if you are driving along and realize you forgot when you left home before getting in the car, you can pull over to a safe place, get out of your car and do the ritual then. That in itself may help you remember in the future after having to pull over a few times.

What's In It For You
As you establish your relationship with Sky and Earth you are enlisting them as allies for any future situations that you could use a higher source of help. Once the relationship is established, you can begin asking for guidance and help from these higher powers. Maybe you need a new job, more money coming in, help finding the perfect mate for you or just need your peace of mind restored. After greeting them with the ritual you can ask for any type of specific answers or guidance that you need. Being at a higher level of existence, these beings have a perspective that we can't see at our level of life and can offer guidance in handling issues that is much easier than anything we could do by ourselves. It may be tempting if you are in a hurry to skip the ritual, but once you consider the long term benefits of taking the short time it takes to perform it consistently, you'll see it is well worth the investment of time. Once you start seeing that this is a relationship you are forming with live beings who can and want to help you with your daily life, the ritual will become as important, if not more so, as interactions you have with friends and family. 

Is It Working?
At some point you may question whether doing this daily ritual is actually having an effect on your life. When these doubts start creeping in stop doing the Exit Ritual for seven days and really pay attention to what your life is like. Then start it up again for the next seven days on a very consistent basis and observe the difference. Takes notes each morning and evening instead of trusting memory and compare your life experiences with and without doing the ritual daily. Don't worry that you will offend these beings by stopping the ritual. As higher beings they don't take that perspective. They simply patiently wait, observing your personal growth and development and are there, ready and willing, for when you are ready to ask for their help. They always leave the door open for you to approach them. Work on the consistency to strengthen the relationship and don't stop just because you get frustrated by forgetting a lot. However much you choose to use this ritual, just know that it is one of the magical tools available to you. When you are ready for more daily rituals, consider our Daily Rituals For Attracting What You Want in Life ebook. You'll find in in the ebooks section of our online store at www.shamanschool.com.

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