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Esoteric School Discovery Guide to Magic – Part IV

The Beauty of the Beauty Way Exit Ritual

In this magical discovery guide series, we have focused on how to bring the higher into your life and establish a relationship with the Universe and its higher powers and beings. This allows you to explore all the magical possibilities open to you in your life and determine for yourself how magic can work in your life. A large part of making these connections and relationships is with daily rituals. This installment of the series, presents to you a contact ritual that is one of the three forms of the Navajo Beauty Way. This ritual is called The Exit Ritual and is used to contact and greet powers and beings. Whether you call your powers and beings Universe, God, Higher Power, Angels, Totem Spirits or so forth doesn't matter. This ritual simply lets you acknowledge that there are higher beings that exist and are available to help you. It also gives you a way to take a break during the day from all the noise, chaos and electromagnetic fields that surround us in our daily lives. The Exit Ritual can help realign your chi or life force and bring you a sense of peace and serenity.

The Exit Ritual
Here's how this powerful ritual is done. Each time you leave an enclosed space such as a building or car:
1. Extend your focus upward into the sky to establish contact and say aloud, "Sky Above."

2. Keep your awareness focused above you and also extend your focus into the Earth saying aloud, "And Earth Below."

3. Maintain your awareness above and below and say aloud, "I Greet You."

4. Wait for a moment and be aware of anything that happens. Watch for any type of acknowledgement or response.

5. If you are not too self-conscious doing the Exit Ritual in a public place, you can also use arm gestures. For "Sky Above" raise your arms in an upward facing V and for "Earth Below" lower your arms with the V facing downwards.

Response to the Ritual
Responses to the Exit Ritual can vary from person to person and from each time you do it. You may notice a change within yourself such as a sudden realization or insight, an attitude change or a new awareness. There might be a change in the space around you such as a breeze, change in sky color or a bird or animal nearby becoming very noticeable to you. You might hear a voice in your head providing you an answer to a question you have or guidance on a problem or issue you face. The response may just be something that happens at the moment you complete the Exit Ritual or it could be something that stays with you the rest of the day. Not only can it change the day you are having, but by making this a daily ritual, you establish a connection with the Universe and invite wonderful and magical changes into your whole life.

You've nothing to lose by giving it a try and see what happens for you. Then if you're ready to let more magic into your life, check out our Witchcraft Spell Books series on Amazon. The first three books provide you with magical offerings using your bare hands, magical tools and household ingredients. The 4th book is a compilation of those three. Start with the Exit Ritual and begin establishing your relationship with higher powers and beings and you'll be well on your way to preparing yourself for a magical lifestyle.

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