Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Yet Another Magical Ritual to Help You See Your Financial Blind Spots

We've been finding a lot of interest being expressed to us lately about the topic we've been covering in our recent newsletters and blog articles about how to attract money and finding our financial blind spots. And why not? With everything getting more and more expensive these days we'd all like to know how to attract money wouldn't we? So far on this topic we've shared some of the rituals from our Witchcraft Spell Book: The Complete Guide of Witchcraft Rituals & Spells for Beginners and here we have one more to offer.

Preparing for How to Attract Money
The rituals we've been discussing are not actual magic spells for how to attract money, but rather rituals to help you pre-pave the way and be in the proper mindset to receive money or anything else that you desire when you are co-creating with the Universe. Often the Universe is ready to deliver what we have asked for, but we have a block that is keeping it from getting to us. The big problem comes when we don't even know what those blocks are or we have a real financial blind spot going on. Learning how to attract money or anything else we've asked for requires that we find out what those blocks are and work through them to open ourselves for what we want to flow to us.

Left Hand/Right Hand Ritual
This ritual for getting answers is one we call Left Hand, Right Hand. Magically speaking there is a disconnection between your right hand and your left hand which represents a disconnection between mind and Spirit. With this ritual you can literally question the Universe with one hand and ask for information or guidance and receive the answers through your other hand. Here's exactly how to perform this ritual:

1. Using a compass, determine the cardinal direction East.

2. Sit in the East (which is the direction of knowledge and communication) facing West.

3. On a flat surface in front of you have a Sun Yellow candle, wooden or paper matches, paper and a pen.

4. Light your candle and charge it with the following verse and wait for there to be a tall working flame on the candle before going on.
"Child of Wonder,
Child of Flame,
Nourish My Spirit,
And protect my Aim."
5. For most people, their dominant hand is the one they write with, but in some cases this is not true. Point at something and the hand you pointed with is your dominant hand. Use this hand to write the question on your paper that you want help answering or that will lend itself to guidance. For example, you might write, "Why can I not keep a job?" or "What is causing me to not be promoted?" or simply, "What issues do I have that prevent money from coming to me?".

6. Now switch your pen to your other hand and write the answer. Don't worry about how the writing looks as long as you can read it. Don't stop to think about answers either, remember we are by-passing Mind to get our answers from higher powers and beings communicating through Spirit. Just write the first thing that comes to you. You may be surprised by what you get, don't question it, just write it down.

At first the answer you wrote may not make any sense to you. That's OK. Just keep the answer in your consciousness for a few days and see what happens. Sometimes answers come a small bit at a time instead of big chunks. That makes them easier for us to get a full understanding. There may be more information, events or situations that will come in the next few days that will give you a better understanding of your answer, so be aware of those. You can also make this a daily ritual and do it as many days as you need to until you have the understanding and information you seek. Remember it's not always the end goal that is the most important, but the journey to get there. Be patient and enjoy watching the process unfold that brings you to knowledge, understanding and enlightenment. This process will always be in perfect timing with our ability to process and use it.

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