Tuesday, September 23, 2014

5 Reasons We Don't Get What We Want – Part I

It is a magical truth that you can be, do and have everything you want in life. This has been a subject master teachers all around the world have being teaching for ages. To get it all you only have to ask the Universe and it will deliver. It's like being in a great magical café. You select what you want from the menu of infinite possibilities, place your order and the Universe delivers. So why aren't we all doing this? You first have to get yourself to the "restaurant" and second make yourself ready to receive. One way to enter the "restaurant" is by doing daily rituals. These are small planned actions that connect us with what we want in life and puts us in the energetic space to be able to receive. Daily rituals can help you release pain, start the day and end the day in a magical way, get help from higher powers and beings, and access knowledge from the Universe. You'll find a wide variety of these in our Daily Rituals for Attracting What You Want in Life ebook.

Reasons We Don't Get What We Want
As we cover in our Daily Rituals ebook, we have identified 5 reasons that prevent people from getting those things they want. These are all conditions that can interfere with bringing manifestations to fruition and block us from receiving from the Universe. In this article we'll cover one of these in depth and over the next few weeks, stay tuned as we explore the other reasons. Then it will be your turn to chime in on what you think about these reasons and have a chance to receive a magical gift from us.

The 5 top reasons we don't get what we want are:
1. We Don't Believe We Can Be, Do, and Have Everything We Want
2. Negativity is Popular
3. We Are Hypnotized by Daily Life
4. We Are Afraid of Failure
5. We Think We Have to "Make it Happen."

We Think We Have to "Make it Happen."
Let's start at the bottom of the list and explore number 5 – We think we have to "make it happen". We start learning as children that we have to DO in order to succeed. We are encouraged to get good grades in school so that we can qualify for a good college and end up getting a good job which will lead to happily ever after. We are told that "if you want something done right you have to do it yourself", or "keep your nose to the grindstone" or "you've got to pull yourself up by your bootstraps" or "no pain, no gain" and a plethora of other phrases and clichés meant to motivate us. Of course there are some things in life that we have to make happen for ourselves, but the magical reality is that not everything in life has to be so hard. Having to make everything happen all by ourselves is a hard way to approach life and can be exhausting and stressful. With this attitude, many things don't happen because we just can't get to them all or they are too hard and we just stop trying.

An easier approach to life involves creating with help from the Universe and all it costs is appreciation, gratitude and belief. There is a Universal helper in the form of an angel, guide, totem and many other spiritual beings for just about everything you could want. These beings are ready and willing to help you get those things you want like a new job, a new mate, or any life change, all you have to do is ask. That is where daily rituals come in. They remind us that all we need do is the asking, then to step back and let the Universe do the delivering. We really don't have to do it all by ourselves and life can be fuller and easier letting go of the control and micro-managing by letting the Universe do its part.

Tired of fighting uphill battles and having to make everything happen on your own? Then consider changing this number 5 reason that you don't get everything you want. What do you have to lose by giving it a try co-creating with the Universe? If you decide you just can't relax and let the Universe deliver what you want, you can always go back to your old ways. But once you truly let magic into your life and see how different it can be having spiritual helpers in your life, we bet you won't want to go back.

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