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Relationship Magic: Are You An Earth Personality?

In our last blog article we discussed relationship magic in relation to the Water element personality. This article focuses on the Earth element personality. Gaining knowledge about the 4 elements and which of them is most predominant in your personality can give you a greater understanding into your relationships with others. Relationship magic begins with an understanding of the characteristics of your predominant element. With this knowledge, you can gain insight into your own personality which can lead you to choosing a career and relationships that you will be successful in. If you know what element your personality is, then you can balance with other elements when needing to interact with a person of an incompatible element or to accommodate for certain situations. You can also know what people are good matches with you by determining their elemental make-up.

The Earth Element
In magic, one of the basic principles is that almost everything in the Universe is made up of a combination of the 4 elements: Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. With an understanding of the 4 elements and their characteristics you can understand anything in the Universe. That includes your basic personality and your relationships. You can learn more about the Earth element in our Magical Element Earth short course. To get you started, here are some of the basic characteristics associated with the Earth element:

strength, money, foundation, endurance, structure, mundane world, serenity of beingness, solidity, boundaries, permanence, land, commerce, products, confidence, loyalty, persistence, stubbornness, fortress, security, anchor, barter, substance, body, base, possessions

The Earth Personality
After reading the above characteristics of the Earth element, look at them in relation to your own personality, relationships and interactions. Do any of these sound like personality traits that you exhibit? If you are an Earth personality you are a practical and pragmatic person. You are a down to earth person with much strength, endurance, patience and persistence. Structure, boundaries, loyalty and permanence are things that you value. Earth personalities are often good at commerce and build strong foundations in their relationships and lives. Earth people are great manifesters and builders and do well in situations that they can add structure to. They want to know how things work and often fool around with improving everything. They are solid people that others drift to in uncertain times or see as an anchor or a "rock" and very often are very serene people. The challenge for Earth people is not getting stuck in a rut. Their desire for stability can often lead to stubbornness and inflexibility. They err on the side of caution, make decisions slowly and usually avoid taking risks. Another challenge for Earth people is their tendency to get bogged down with too many materials possessions, especially large ones. 

The Road to Success With an Earth Element Personality
Earth personalities will do well in roles and situations that allow them to exercise their practicality and love of structure. Careers that emphasize stability, strength, loyalty and long-term dedication will be the most successful. Earth people should avoid situations with lots of quick change and too much risk taking. A good challenge for an Earth person however is in learning to take some risks periodically.

Finding out your elemental personality type is the first step in relationship magic. This article should give you a pretty good idea as to whether you are predominantly an Earth Personality type. To get a more specific typing of your elemental personality, take our Four Element Personality Test HERE and find out more about four element and mixed elemental personality types in our ebook Energy Healing for Self and Others.

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