Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Someone Bugging You? Try a Fireball for Protection Magic

Do you need some protection magic to use for someone who is bugging you or just not listening to you? Well, we've got a magical self defense technique for you that will help you get your message across. Use a fireball message! This is one of the techniques you'll find in our Magical Self Defense homestudy course.

About Fireballs
Fireballs are very effective as they contain a lot of energy. You can use fireballs as protection magic to get someone to leave you alone, to stop invading your sacred space, to return a stolen item, to repay a debt to you or any number of situations that call for magical self defense. Before constructing and using a fireball, consider the energetic colors associated with the 4 elements and decide which color will fit best for your situation. Practice using different colors in different situations to see which give you the best results in various situations. Here are some examples of how various colors can work.
  • Sky blue is the color associated with the Air element on the spirit level. If you are sending a message to someone who is often mentally distracted or mentally busy, using Sky blue can break through their distraction to get your message through. 
  • Water blue is a color that will affect someone on an emotional, subliminal or subconscious level. If your message is one dealing with feelings or that you want to send to a person's subconscious, this could be a good color choice.
  • Dark blue is another water color which corresponds to a spiritual emotional level of a person. This color could be used to send a compulsive message. For example, if someone has stolen something from you or owed you money for quite a long time, a compulsive message that they cannot ignore and must act on might be appropriate.
  • White is an air color that affects the conscious mind and may have to be repeated several times before the recipient takes action.

Pick Your Time
Another consideration when using fireball messages for protection magic is when you will send the message. If you know the person and something about how he or she spends the day, then you'll want to avoid sending the message at the busiest time of day for him or her. Pick a time when you think the recipient is likely to hear it such as a quiet time of day for him or her.

Constructing Fireballs
There are several ways to make fireballs. Here is one method called the Clapping Method.
1. Choose the color of energy you want your fireball to be.

2. Find a color source to pull this energy from and stand so that you can pull from the source from behind you through your shoulders.

3. Hold your hands far apart with palms facing each other and palms and fingers curled as if you were going to clap or catch a ball.

4. Pull the energy from your color source behind you in through your shoulders, down each arm and out your hands.

5. Once the energy is flowing in this manner, clap your cupped hands together forcefully and stop as soon as your fingertips touch each other. This compresses the flowing energy into a ball shape.

6. Keep your hands cupped as if holding a small ball without relaxing your palms or fingers and spin the "ball" clockwise as if you were shaping or packing a snowball.

7. Once the ball is spinning, visual the person's face that you will be sending the message to in the ball. If you do not know what they look like, you can visualize the person's name.

8. To put the message in the ball, either speak your message out loud into the ball or visualize a written message with electric white neon letters. Be sure to keep the message short and to the point.

9. Throw the fireball and it will go to the person that you have programmed it for.

By doing these steps you have now used a fireball message as a means of protection magic. The more you practice this technique, the better you will get at it. Practice with various colors, times of day, and simple messages to gauge the results you get for yourself. Then the next time you need some magical self defense, you'll be ready.

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