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Psychic Development: A Story of Communicating with Ghosts

We find many people interested in magic or wanting to develop psychic abilities who want to believe that magic is real, but for a variety of reasons are skeptical. We never want you to take anything we present in the realms of magic as the truth and nothing but the truth without checking it out for yourself. We know that magic can improve one's life, resolve daily life problems, help one develop psychic abilities and communication skills that allow one to co-create with the Universe to manifest those things one desires in life. We know these things because we have experience with them and have observed them in work in our own lives as well as the lives of our students. But until YOU have experienced them and observed them for yourself, you should absolutely remain skeptical.

Try It Out
When we present teachings through our classes, articles and blog it is up to you to try out suggestions and exercises exactly as they are described and test the results for yourself. Procedures do need to be followed exactly as described since magic is a precision science and altered procedures produce altered results. By trying out these exercises and rituals for yourself, you will be able to determine if they are useful and helpful in your life and if magic is real for you. Until you have the proof for yourself from your own actions, you may be totally skeptical or one of those who think or believe magic is real, but don't see on a deeper level all the changes and wonders magic can bring to your life.

A Story
Here is a story from one of our students that you'll find in our first Kindle book of the Witchcraft Spell Books series. This story shows how a friend of hers who was pretty skeptical about magic turned his thinking around after having an experience of his own.

Communicating With Ghosts
I have a friend who is a very practical, grounded sort of guy. He does not believe in things he cannot see or explain to himself. Throughout my magic class however, he had to admit that what I was doing had merit, even though he could not understand it. I had done several healing techniques on him that had wonderful results that he could not deny.

Now in his house there was some type of Spirit in residence. It knocked things over, flushed toilets at night, and generally did all sorts of things we had always thought were along the lines of practical jokes. One day it moved a heavy dresser, which had previously taken four grown men to move, across the room. My friend finally admitted that he, too, believed there was something there--a Spirit or ghost.

He asked me if I could find out any information about it. Through pendulum work and Tarot readings, I was actually able to get quite a lot of information about why this Spirit was in this particular house, the name of the Spirit, some basic information about him, and what the "practical jokes" were really about.

I passed this information on to my friend. From that time on my friend began to talk to this entity by name and include it as part of the family. The "practical jokes" stopped, since the Spirit now had the attention it was trying to get.

One night my friend had fallen asleep with a heating pad on his sore shoulder. He dreamt of this Spirit--even hearing the Spirit's name in the dream. In the dream the Spirit was telling him to wake up and put out a fire. It was such a vivid and real dream that my friend could actually feel the heat of the fire. He suddenly woke up and found that the heat he was feeling was not just in the dream. It was real. Something had malfunctioned with the heating pad, and it was smoking and beginning to burn him! In a state of half-sleep he turned the heating pad off, and thanked his Spirit friend for the warning.

However, he did not unplug the pad from the wall outlet. He returned to sleep with the heating pad now on the floor next to the bed. Again he dreamed of his Spirit friend trying to wake him up and leave because the house was aflame. He awoke to find that the heating pad was still smoking and had just started a flame on the carpet next to the bed. It could have easily turned into a house fire if his Spirit friend had not come to him in Dreamtime and awakened him.

Thanks to Luna for sharing this story with us. It is a very powerful example of how exposure to magic helped her friend not only develop psychic abilities and receive communication from a spirit friend, but how doing so gave him the experience to see how magic made a tremendous difference in his life, a lifesaving difference as it turns out. Not everyone's experience will reveal something on such a dramatic level, but even finding help with small things in life, being able to affect the weather or just being able to create a sacred space in your life for some peace and harmony can improve your quality of life. You'll find more magical stories and directions on magical procedures to try out in our Learn How to Do Witchcraft Rituals and Spells with Your Bare Hands Kindle book. Check it out for yourself and make your own decision on if magic is real.

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