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Magic That Works: How Apples Can Be Magical (not Snow White's!)

In this article we are going to give you directions to try out some magic that works for yourself using simulacra magic. A simulacrum is a likeness. And this magic that works technique can help you with such issues as ridding yourself of a bad habit, losing weight, getting rid of a bad debt or anything else that you want to reduce or get rid of unwanted situation in your life. In simulacra magic you key an object to a person or thing and whatever you do magically or otherwise to the object also happens to the person or thing it is keyed to. Simulacra magic falls into the area of Water and Earth spell work. As with all spell work, record everything in your book of shadows and remember that magic is a precision science and altered procedures produce altered results.

Using An Apple As a Magical Tool
This procedure is one of the many you will find in our Kindle book Learn How to Do Witchcraft Rituals and Spells with Magical Tools. For this procedure you will key an apple to anything that you want to shrink, whether it is your level of body fat or a chronic bad habit that you can't seem to shake. Keying creates a correlation or psychic connection between an object (in this case an apple) and a situation, person or thing. Magically keying "programs" the apple.

In this basic spell, you will put the apple on a keyed Plate and allow it to wither slowly over time. As the apple withers, the situation to which you've keyed the apple will also shrink. An apple makes a good simulacrum in this case because it withers at a slow and believable rate. To be effective, the process of change to the simulacrum object has to progress at a believable rate. If you try to push simulacra magic too fast, it will backfire on you. For instance, an apple can take several weeks or months to fully wither, which is appropriate for shrinking certain problems like body fat. Using a bowl of melting ice cream on the other hand to represent the process of melting body fat would be much less effective since it would be difficult for your body to shed fat as fast as the ice cream would melt.  

Before beginning this procedure you will need to key a Plate. The Plate is the magical tool for the Earth element and is also known as a Shield or Pantacle. The Plate is often used to shield various magical operations from outside interference, and protect small magical objects such as pendulums and talismans. Keying magical tools clears any impure energy from it, aligns all the molecules so the energy flows in a particular direction and personalizes the tool to you. In this case the keyed plate is used to prevent interference with your spell and keep the spell energies focused on the apple.
Quick Key the Plate
To do a quick keying method for beginners on your Plate:
1. Place your hands on either side of the Plate
2. Grip the Plate with your thumbs on the top surface of the Plate and the rest of your fingers supporting the underside of the Plate.
3. Look at a Grass Green Earth energy color source and begin flowing Grass Green energy from your dominant hand (hand you naturally point with) through the Plate into your other hand
4. Keep the energy flowing up your arm, across your shoulders, down the arm of your dominant hand and out your output hand again
5. Circulate Grass Green for about three minutes, then pull your Earth energy back into your body.
6. You will know the plate is keyed when it feels slightly tingly, heavy, warm or loaded or definitely different than before you keyed it in some way.

Directors and Limiters
Anytime you are doing spell work you need to write directors and limiters. For this simple procedure they may or may not be necessary, but it is good practice and helps insure that you are being precise in letting the Universe know what your desired outcome is. If you decide you need directors and limiters for the situation that you will be using the apple as a simulacrum, then refer to this article. Basically directors are a written list of what you want the spell to do and limiters are a written list of what you do not want the spell to do. They define the what, how, and when factors of a spell by stating the purpose of the spell, how certain elements and energies are to be used, the safeguards on the spell and when the spell will start and stop. After you write your list on a piece of paper, fold it and place it on your keyed plate.

Magical Apple Ritual
1. Key the apple to the problem or situation that you want to reduce by holding the apple in your dominant hand while you think about everything you can about the situation. Using your intention focus on all the details about the situation and the information you wrote about it in your directors and limiters. You can flow thoughts and/or emotions about the situation into the apple. The more details you use, the more accurately the apple will be keyed to your situation.

2. When the apple feels charged, full, warm, heavy, tingly, or different in a magical or energetic sense then it is keyed and ready to use. Put it on top of your keyed plate on top of the folded list of directors and limiters.

3. If you quick keyed your plate instead of using a more permanent keying method, you will need to quick key it each day for your plate to stay keyed. This also gives you a chance to restate your intentions which helps the procedure along. You can strengthen the spell by re-keying the plate daily and then reading your directors and limiters aloud while holding the apple in your dominant hand. This adds energy to the relationship between the situation and the apple.

4. Now here comes the hardest part for some people – Wait and be Patient! The goal is to achieve a permanent and lasting result and that takes time, energy and daily maintenance. A spell of this nature can take from several weeks to several months to manifest. Negative energy like impatience will only hinder it, so be sure to stay in a positive mood especially when doing your daily keying.

Over time your apple will wither and with it the situation you keyed to be represented by the apple will wither with it. Try this simple ritual out for yourself and start experimenting with all the ways you can use magic that works to improve your life.

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