Thursday, December 5, 2013

Is Magic Real

Is magic real is the number one question we're asked over and over again. The simple answer we could give is, Yes, magic is real. But in our mission to spread real magic to more and more people, we start with a different answer. First when answering the 'is magic real' question, we like to give people a way to answer this question for themselves. We urge them to not take our word or anyone else's word, but to try magic out for themselves and decide is magic real for themselves.

To accomplish this we point out that a good place to start is with the articles on our website and our blog. Many of these articles have exercises that can be tried out to test your own results. This is a good way to try out some safe, simple beginning magical techniques with no investment. You can read all our articles, subscribe to our newsletter and/or subscribe to our blog all for free.

The first article we recommend people to start with is our Is Magic Real article. Through this article, people can get an idea of what real magic is all about. This weeds out people who are only interested in fantasy type magic by explaining how real magic works and what it can bring to one's life. It also presents a magical exercise that people can try out to get a taste of what real magic is like.

After that the answer to the question 'is magic real becomes one each individual can answer for themselves based on his or her own experience. Those who decide a magical path is for them can find more serious study options on our website to fit any budget. Whether it is books, ebooks, homestudy courses or our new Kindle book series, we have the resources to help you get started on your magical journey.

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