Thursday, October 18, 2018

Develop Psychic Abilities: The Power of Changing One Tiny Habit

When you first start working to develop psychic abilities, here's a tip that will pave the way for you. This is just one of the tips and exercises you'll find in our Psychic Development ebook. When you are ready to develop psychic abilities or really anytime you want to get out of mechanical mode, choose one small habit to change. Sound simple? It is, but also very powerful in working towards the goal to develop psychic abilities and developing consciousness.

How It Works
How does such a simple change make such a difference when striving to develop psychic abilities? Well, first there is a Universal Law that says, "A small change in the present will create a larger change in the future". When you change a small life habit now, you pave the way for larger changes in your future. You open yourself to a whole new world of ideas and inspirations when you start by changing your habitual thought patterns. Also small changes keep you from running into the resistance factor.

Changing Habitual Thought Patterns
If you follow the metaphysical teacher Abraham-Hicks (, then you've heard that the thoughts and feelings you have right now affect your ability to access certain thoughts and feelings. In other words, if you are happy now, you can access more happy thoughts. If you are sad, you are more likely to access more sad thoughts. By changing where you are in your thoughts and emotions just a degree or two, you make it possible to access new thoughts and feelings. Any tiny change creates a shift in you and in what you think and feel. This is why Abraham says when you are down, to just try reaching for the next happier thought. It is usually too overwhelming to go from really sad to really happy in just one step, but if you take baby steps and just reach over a little in tone to one just a bit higher then you have shifted your internal mood and can keep going up the scale towards happy.

Avoid the Resistance Factor
You'll find as you develop psychic abilities that your mind often gets in your way. It tries to keep control and tell you all sorts of things from that you are just making stuff up to having doubts about receiving information through spirit perceptics. You are making a big change by going from accessing information via your 5 physical senses to accessing information via numerous spirit senses. When you start to work to develop psychic abilities, you are making a big change, so pre-paving the way by making some small changes can help reduce the resistance mind puts up. Think about if your dad who is a pretty conservative type guy with a short regular "Dad" type haircut suddenly walked in with a purple and green Mohawk. Think of the resistance he would encounter to this big change. It would probably affect his job, his standing in the community or church and probably even how his family would react to him. He would probably experience feeling awkward, embarrassed, and the target of unwanted attention. But now imagine he walks in and just has moved his pinkie ring from his right hand to his left hand. Hardly anyone will notice that. Wouldn't be much resistance put up to such a small change as that. But, he will notice it. It will feel different to him and this difference can help shift him to another place inside himself.

Small Changes to Make
When we talk about making these small changes, we are talking about very simple habitual things that you do mechanically. For example, observe yourself when you eat, drink, brush your teeth, remove your shoes, reach for the phone, open the door and hundreds of other simple things we all do every day with our hands. What hand do you use without even thinking about it when you do these simple tasks? Now consciously switch and use your other hand. So if you open the door with your right hand, start making the conscious effort to open it with your left hand. Pick several things to start consciously changing. Don't let this get mechanical though too. Change things up if they start to feel that way and pick another set of tasks to change how you do them.

Other changes could be sitting in a different place at the table, driving a different way to work, wearing socks inside out, get up on the other side of the bed, move your alarm clock to a different place, go a different direction when you start your morning walk, wear your bracelet on the opposite arm, etc.. You get the idea, right? See what things in your life you can use to make these small changes, pick one and get started paving the way to develop psychic abilities in yourself.

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