Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Magic To Heal the Planet

Through our school, we have done so many spells and magical procedures to work on different aspects of healing the planet and I am having so much fun re-living past spells performed, that I want to share a few more with you all. This one was quite intense and should only be performed only by a practitioner with a lot of experience. It happened not too long ago and you may even remember stories reported in the media about 2 large bodies (reported by some to be comets and as asteroids) that were discovered as they passed between the Moon and the Sun. They were reported to be the force behind a large earthquake or tsunami in Japan that did quite a bit of damage. The course projected for these objects indicated that they would hit the Earth and major damage would result. Here is how I dealt with this situation.

My research showed that these two bodies were Blue Star Kachina and Red Star Kachina. I called upon an ancient Navajo archetype, Monster Slayer to help. I constructed an anchor for the archetype using a large obsidian hatchet and spear. In a full cast circle with a doorway cut in, I used the magical tool, the black mirror, and pulled this archetype out of the spirit world and set it on the anchor. Verses had been written ahead of time enlisting Monster Slayer's help in the destruction of these two bodies. After anchoring the archetype on the spear and hatchet setup, I went outside through the doorway in the full cast circle with the spear at night. As my partner read the verses, I held the spear upon my shoulder and then threw the spear up into the night sky. We saw what looked like a large streak of ravens taking off from it.

It took three days for these bodies to be destroyed. We first heard a report that the Blue Star Kachina being tracked by scientists just disappeared. The Red Star Kachina was then reported to break up into pieces, most of which went off into space harmlessly. One large piece did come into our atmosphere leaving a visible trail seen by many people reported to be about 6 feet wide. It came down in the southern part of the United States but no damage was done.

With all our planet gives to us, isn't it time to give some back? Even if you aren't at a magical level to be able to work with archetypes such as Monster Slayer and destroy potentially disastrous threats, you can do your part to magically heal the planet. Something as simple as picking up trash in a park or consciously making an effort to recycle can all help heal the planet. Remember any act done with intention is a magical act. So set your intention to do something to heal the planet and join us along with all the other magical people striving to give back to Earth Mother. 

In Magic,
Alan, aka RavenWindStar

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