Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Tarot: Should You Use the Lovers or 2 Cups When Reading on Relationships?

One of the uses for Tarot cards is to throw a reading for Tarot divination purposes. Divination is a means of obtaining information by psychic or magical means not readily available to the body's five senses. The major purpose of divination is to discover the influences, energies and probability lines that are active in our lives. Having this information allows us to exert control in our lives. When looking at the future through divination means such as Tarot card readings, there are 2 factors you need to understand:
  • The future is not set or pre-destined. It may be changed at any time before it happens.
  • Divinations concerning the future are only probabilities based on assuming that current influences continue unchanged. Any change in the present will change the future.
So when doing a Tarot card reading, if you find an unwanted future event, you can research to find out what events lead to it and change those events. That will cause the unwanted event to either not happen or happen differently than what you found in your reading.

When doing a Tarot card reading, a signifier is used. This is a card or cards that represent the someone or something the reading is being done on and/or the question we want answered. Different traditions use signifiers in different ways and some people doing Tarot readings today do not use signifiers at all. We find that using a signifier and keying it to the person and specific issues and questions give a more exact reading. When doing a Tarot reading the signifier is very important to getting the exact information you want. Results will vary according to which signifier you use. Therefore it is important to make sure you use the right signifier for the information you are seeking.

Lovers versus Two of Cups
Consider the meanings of the cards Lovers and Two of Cups. When doing a reading on relationships, many people think the Lovers card in the Major Arcana would be the natural choice and many Tarot books say this is the card to use. This is not accurate however if you are doing a reading on intimate personal relationships. The Lovers card is more for looking at higher spiritual relationships, karmic relationships, destined relationships or soul mates. This card indicates primarily a spiritual relationship that we planned when coming into this lifetime or strong spiritual ties and connections we have from other lifetimes. It could also be used as a signifier for relationship and balance to the overall higher aspect of community. It is a higher octave than the Two of Cups.

The Two of Cups is a better choice for intimate personal relationships. As a signifier it looks at emotional involvement of partnerships and is the love card. It also signifies reuniting, coming together and one on one intimate emotional sharing. This is the card to use in a Tarot reading as a signifier when looking for information on intimate emotional or passionate couple relationships of the mundane or worldly existence.

As you can see you would get different results according to which of these 2 signifiers you chose to use in your Tarot reading. As with all magical procedures, just think it through and pick a signifier that will give you the results to what you are seeking.

What are your favorite signifiers to use for certain subjects when doing a Tarot reading? We'd love for you to share yours in our magical communities either on Facebook or our blog. Share your favorite signifier and what situation you use it for and we'll send you a discount code to use on purchasing our Tarot Homestudy course.

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