Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Spirit Guides: What is a Spirit Guide and Where Are Yours?

Are you in contact and take guidance from your spirit guides and do you even know what is a Spirit Guide? We are all planetary citizens with multiple past lives, and as such we all have spirit guides. Spirit Guides may take on many forms, including angels, animal totems, loved ones from our past, and forms not recognized on this planet. Should you be worried if you don't seem to have any? Nope, you do, you just may not have made contact with them yet.

Spirit Guides: Making Contact
How do you achieve spirit guide contact? An easy way is to start each day with a simple 5 minute meditation. Get comfortable, sit quietly and breathe. When your mind is quiet:

1. Say out loud or in your mind, your wish that you want spirit guide contact. 

2. State that the contact should be achieved in a way that you can easily recognize and handle.

3. Thank your spirit guide in advance. This is a very important step in making a connection with your guide.

Now just go about your day and look for signs. These could come in the form of a conversation you overhear or are part of, animal appearances, a sign in any book you open, thoughts in your head, odd sights and sounds, or various other ways during the day. Be alert and open to a sign that will have meaning to you. If you get to the end of the day and have not seen a sign, just ask again and this time ask for clarification. Don't get discouraged or frustrated if it takes a few tries. If you haven't had contact with your guides before, it may take a little more time to establish a communication link or for you to become accustomed to the type of communications to expect. Also, it is easy to get distracted by everyday life tasks and miss a sign. Keep asking and you will finally recognize the signs at some point. When you do, you will find it was totally worth the wait and that your guides will be there to help you with a multitude of situations.

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