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Magic Spells: What is a Magic Spell?

Exactly what is a magic spell in real magic terms? No, we don't wave magic wands, say some words and turn our enemies into toads. There is actually an art and a science to performing magic and spells in particular. A magic spell is any psychic or magical operation that combines a number of elements (air, fire, water and earth) and/or program factors that produce a particular result over a period of time. You could also call it a formalized intention that is carried out over time until completion. This definition would include chants, litanies, sonics, directors and limiters and even prayers.

How A Magic Spell Works
Spells are energy matrices programmed to build momentum and overcome obstacles until the end goal is manifested. Magic and spells in particular tend to take the path of least resistance to reach the goal. This is why directors and limiters are used in a magic spell. Without the use of directors and limiters, the path the spell takes could be very destructive and possibly break the Rules of the Road. There have been many cases of spells asking for money or a debt paid off in which the practitioner does not specify in the directors and limiters that no harm must come to any person or being from the spell, only to have the money come to them through the inheritance of someone passing away that they did not intend. If those type of events and conditions are not specified and the Universe sees it as the path of least resistance to the goal, it can happen just that way. Therefore it is a good idea to practice spellwork with tried and true spells that are proven safe before embarking to create your own. You need to have a clear understanding of the use of directors and limiters, basic magical operational laws and the terminology involved with spellwork before creating and launching magic spells of your own.

Types of Spells
There are different types of spells that can be used and different ones are more appropriate to use in one situation over another. Here are some basics and brief descriptions.

Litanies and Chants – A chant is any set of verbal commands or instructions to create a magical effect on the environment. A litany is a chant that is used to affect the person saying the litany. All spells and prayers are either litanies or chants. The verses used to charge the firebowl and chalice are chants.

Sonics in Spellwork – Sound energies affect both the material and spiritual levels at the same time, regardless of the elemental makeup of the sounds. When launching a spell you must be able to use voices of command and words of power effectively when reciting the litanies and/or chants in the spell to ensure that the energies are consistent with the aim of the spell. For example if you speak a chant for an Air and Fire oriented spell in a watery voice, you may create unintended side effects.

Directors and Limiters – These specify the what, how and when factors of a spell. Directors and limiters always need to be specified for candle and tarot spells. They list what you want the spell to achieve and the areas or conditions you want to avoid. They also address the purpose of the spell, elements and energies to be used, safeguards, and when the spell will start and stop.

Candle Spells – This type of spell programs one or more candles to act in accord with a spell's purpose, directors and limiters and verses. The candles energize, activate and feed the spell as well as assist in programming the spell. The candle translates the verses and directors and limiters into an actual energy matrix that has force in the world.

Tarot Spells – The modern Tarot as revised by the Order of the Golden Dawn is designed to use for spellwork. Readings with a Tarot deck form the basis for this type of spell and various cards can actually show spells that have been performed in the past or present lines. Before undertaking a Tarot spell, the practitioner needs to understand the Tarot and be experienced in doing 12-card readings with a Tarot deck. Tarot and other divination methods can also be used to test the potential success of any spell.

Simulacra Spells – These types of spells use a simulacrum or likeness of a person or thing to perform a magical operation on. When the object used as the simulacrum is keyed to a person or thing, whatever you do magically or otherwise to the object also happens to the person or thing it is keyed to. This is a type of water and earth element spellwork.

Real magic and spells can be enormously effective if performed correctly. Remember though that altered procedures create altered results. Think each step of the spell through carefully and get some instruction from an experienced practitioner before taking on your own spells. Our Basic Magic Class is offered online and spellwork is covered toward the end this course. If you're ready to get serious about becoming a magical practitioner, check it out.

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