Thursday, January 10, 2013

Magic Spells: How to Learn Magic

We quite often get emails asking how to learn magic. In this day and time it seems that we have seen an increase in these types of emails. It is exciting to hear that for whatever reasons, more people are seeking out magical knowledge and a different way of life. Whether you are seriously interested in studying magic, just out to see for yourself if it is real or want to dabble in some magical practices, we have lots of resources at the Esoteric School of Shamanism and Magic for you.

Can I Do Magic?
First off we like to make clear that we work on the premise in everything we teach that nothing is taken as true or real until you experience it for yourself and KNOW for yourself that it is true. A magician must experience and verify everything for him or herself to avoid the trap of dogma. That means you have hands on exercises throughout that you can practice and see results from. Many real magic techniques are not instant however and you do need to be willing to put in some time and practice. Some people have natural gifts and may see results sooner and others will need to practice a bit more. Everyone however can do magic. It is actually the "normal" way of life, but we have just lost access to it.

Magic Is a Precision Science
Our approach to magic and spells is that of a scientist since after all magicians and shamans are technicians of the sacred. One of the first things students learn in our Basic Magic Class is that we teach magic as a precision science. That is because magic is the science of:
  • deliberate creation 
  • effective prayer 
  • of manifesting Higher Will on the energetic and material planes 
  • of heightened awareness, selective perception and dynamic, harmonious relationships
Magical techniques are taught in such a way that they can be duplicated and replicated if directions are followed. Students do have to follow directions as given since altered procedures produce altered results as many students over the years have found out for themselves.

Rules of the Road
Having said all this, what we respond to those asking how to learn magic is that they should start with basic spells and rituals offered in our free online resources. They also need to become familiar with the Rules of the Road which are the ethics of magic. These Universal laws govern magical practice and are in effect whether you know them or not, believe in them or not or agree with them or not. Practicing magic without knowledge of these governing laws can result in disaster.

Free Resources To Get You Started
In our free resources section of our website, we have access to a wide variety of simple and safe magic and spells for beginners. We also have a newsletter that comes out twice a month you can subscribe to by email, a blog with informational articles and a platform where you can ask questions, as well as our Facebook community you can join in on. Whatever method works best for you, the main thing is to get started exploring the world of magic for yourself. Here are some links to simple, but powerful spells and rituals to get you started:
When you're ready for more just go to our Resources section and Is Magic Real page. And remember to have fun and enjoy your journey into magic and spells.

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