Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Magic 2012: Clock's a-ticking ... Have You Figured Out Your Lesson Yet

Magic 2012 is quickly drawing to an end. As the much prophesied date of December 21, 2012 approaches and we transition into a new era, let's look back at what magic 2012 has been about and what you can still do before the December date arrives.

Magic 2012: Large Life Events
For many people, the year of magic 2012 has been filled with chaotic events and/or the year has seemed to move at a fast speed. We have seen more people dealing with life events of a larger scale this year. Whether it has been in financial, relationship, health, or loss issues, there has been an increased intensity in these life events. The lessons associated with these issues have caused people to have to look beyond the events themselves and turn further inward to gain understanding of the important lessons they have yet to learn. The good news is that magic 2012 has been a time of manifesting quicker and making changes quicker. More people have opened themselves to guidance and help from higher powers and beings, have learned to trust their inner voice and received asked for signs from totems and spirit forces. The lessons may not all have been pleasant, but they have been more profound this year.

Magic 2012: Need Help Getting Your Lesson?
There have also been people for whom this year held significance, but they did not face the craziness and did not have those big life lessons to learn. That could mean there really isn't one for them at this time, but it could be they just haven't been tuned in enough to get it. There is still time. If you haven't figured out your big life lesson for this year, ask. You can ask the 4 winds, angels, your totems, guardians or any number of spiritual beings to send you signs if there is a big lesson for you this year. Spend some extra time meditating and doing self observation. Dig deeper than you have before. If there is something that you have been uncomfortable about or an issue that you haven't really wanted to face, this is the year more than any other that can bring you resolution, peace and a deeper understanding.

This has been a year that many of the tried and true techniques used in the past haven't been working for people the same way. They have had to get more creative, make big changes and seek out alternatives. If you've never taken on doing a daily ritual, this may be the time to do that. Doing a daily ritual insures that we set aside some time everyday to connect with the higher, have some quiet time and create some sacred space for ourselves. This can be meditating, do yoga, reading from an inspirational book or any number of uplifting spiritual endeavors. The key is to do the exercise everyday, thus making it a daily ritual. This opens a doorway through which higher powers and beings can enter your life. If you do a daily ritual and haven't received insight into any deeper life lessons, you may need to change to a different ritual. If you have been doing the same ritual for a period of time, you may be going through your ritual in a mechanical way at this point, thus closing the doorway. Changing to a fresh ritual may engage your centers and allow you to re-open the door.

Remember that any intentional act is an act of magic and in this year of magic 2012 those intentional acts can open you to new possibilities. This year has been best and fastest time to manifest anything, so if you haven't gotten to it yet, it's time to get moving, the clock's a ticking!

Need help figuring out how to get your lesson before the year ends? Post your situation on our Facebook page. Our school staff and a large magical community can help you get ideas of what direction to go.

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