Friday, June 22, 2012

Magic 2012: Need Magic? 5 Steps to Follow

During this pivotal year, some people are experiencing more magic and wonder than ever ... and lots more people are having difficulty with magic in 2012. They are experiencing more "accidents" than ever, and need more angelic and higher help than ever.

Luckily, if you fall into that second unfortunate group, you can easily switch over to the first group with some practical magic 2012. In 2012, the practice of magic is really all about looking at the part YOU play in your life. It's about "keeping your side of the street clean," as they say. The more you work on yourself with magic 2012, the faster your environment will change (and the fewer surprise accidents you will encounter!).

And, we have 5 steps to help you make the transition from under the "Law of Accident" and move under the "Law of Fate."

Magic 2012: Step 1
The first step in making this transition is to identify the problem. Specifically, ask yourself this question: "What am I allowing to happen in my life?"

Are you allowing yourself to be a victim? Are you saying Yes when you want to say No? Are you letting stress into your life, whether it's real or imagined?

For many people, the situation is about allowing other people to step into their personal or sacred space. For instance, the woman who is allowing herself to be abused (verbally, physically or emotionally) by her spouse is allowing another person to enter her sacred space ... without permission.

Once the problem is clearly identified and acknowledged, you can move to step 2.

Magic 2012: Step 2
The second step may be either the easiest or the most difficult, depending on your personality type. The second step is this: Make a decision to change.

Some people will breeze right through this step. Other people will hit a total road block because they won't know all the steps for making the change, and thus cannot allow themselves to make the decision to change.

Know this: You do NOT need to know the "how" of the change before you make a decision to change. Magically, making a decision to change is called the "base decision," and, in the Creation Sequence, comes before the "how" decisions. The more detailed decisions of "how" you will make the change are called "control decision" and do not need to be known at this point.

All you have to do is be willing to make the base decision that you will change. You do not have to have any clue or idea of how that change will come about.

For this step, the woman being abused by her spouse simply needs to decide that she will change her life. She knows her life will be different after the change, but that's all.

Magic 2012: Step 3
In this step we start looking at the control decisions to go along with the base decision to change. For this step, may we suggest that you look at these magic 2012 resources to help you start the change:

See something that resonates with you? Go with it. See several items that ring your bell? Go with them! If it feels right, in magic 2012 it IS right! For the woman allowing herself to be abused by her spouse, choosing to ask the directions for help by doing the Navajo Beauty Way may be the way to go.

Magic 2012: Step 4
Now comes the step that can be difficult for the impatient people in the crowd: waiting in mystery. Most of us don't even like to wait in line at the coffee shop, so when it comes to making a major change in our lives, waiting is like Chinese water torture!

Luckily, in 2012 changes are happening faster than ever before. Also, if you wait "in mystery" rather than "in misery" changes will also occur in a speedier fashion!

It's perfectly fine to have no idea how the magical rituals or techniques you have chosen for making life changes work. In fact, it's great to be in a place of wonderment and imagination. Think to yourself often, "I wonder how the Universe is going to bring about this change?" Be a very curious seeker about mystery (schools like ours are not called mystery schools for nothing!). Wonder often. Imagine and daydream lots. All of this curiosity and mystery will act as a tractor beam that will literally DRAW the universal solution to you – fast! It will happen before you know it.

The abused woman, our continuing example, may wish to get up a few minutes early, do the Navajo Beauty Way, and then daydream about the changes that will happen in her life during her morning coffee. Every day she can choose a different daydream ... no matter, the Universe gets the message that she wishes to have her sacred space. And the Universe ALWAYS delivers!

Magic 2012: Step 5
Finally we come to the step of waiting and listening. Step 4 already has us waiting in mystery and drawing the solution to ourselves. This is all well and good. Now we must listen as well because the Universe will provide clues and nudges along the way, telling us how we must move and act.

If a snippet of a conversation between strangers seems especially loud, listen hard. If you open a magazine in the supermarket checkout line and a headline pops out at you, read it and ponder it. If a book falls off a shelf, read it! Get it?

If you feel that you are getting no clues from the Universe, go out and tell the Universe, "I know you are sending me messages and for some reason I cannot understand them. Please send them to me in a louder, clearer form that I can more easily understand." Keep sending the Universe this message until you get the clues and nudges you seek in your magic 2012 practice! Don't worry, the Universe does NOT mind repetition.

Note: If you are the truly obsessive type, the best thing you can do during this step is to go away on vacation and distract yourself. Obsessing never helps ... that's too intense and far beyond curiosity and mystery. For your personality, the magic of distraction is what you need! And a vacation should be fun ... just what the Universe ordered!

Get it? Got it? Good!

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