Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Time Acts Funny in 2012

You may or may not have had personal experiences of time doing funny things toward the end of last year and early into this year, but many people have. For some people, time seems to be moving faster than ever before. For other people, time is slowing down.

Whether time is speeding up or slowing down for you—or doing different things at different times—doesn’t really matter. The point is that time will most likely continue to act funny in 2012. More importantly time is reactive to your intentions and attentions.

Time, like every other force in the Universe, has always been reactive to our intentions, but it is even more responsive in 2012. So if you find yourself in a hurry, worrying that you won’t have enough time to get everything done, time will probably speed up in response. On the contrary, if you feel as if you are waiting interminably for something to manifest in your life, time will appear to crawl slower than molasses.

Luckily, if time isn’t moving according to your desires, you can change it. If time is too speedy for you, slow yourself down. Notice factors about the moment. Is the sun out ? Is the weather notable? Are people smiling at you? Could you be smiling at someone else? When we “take the time” to notice a moment, time takes a break … and stops speeding along.

If you feel that time is crawling along too slowly, speed it up. Get busy. Take your attention off the clock. Fill your schedule and time, and you will be amazed at how fast time will run … and how much you will get done at the same time!

Remember, time is not static. Time is different according to you and your current perspective. Change your perspective … and time will change for you. It’s magic … really!

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