Monday, January 16, 2012

Made New Year's Resolutions? Start Smaller for Bigger Magic!

It is a very popular practice to make New Year's Resolutions ... and then we expect the magic to happen! Somehow we will magically lose 25 pounds or double our income or stop smoking all because of this popular "ritual" called "New Year's Resolutions."

There is magic in stating an intention, of course. Magically, any intentional act is a magical act, so stating an intention is indeed a magical act. However, for an intention to come to manifestation, another factor is needed: attention. More specifically, one needs regular or daily attention an intention to bring it to fruition. Magically, applying energy to an intention through attention is a key to manifestation.

So this year, instead of starting with a New Year's Resolution, which requires 365 days of attention (that's kind of a lot), how about starting with a shorter period of days? Most spiritual practices recognize the period of 40 days as a powerful length of time during which to bring an intention to fruition.

The Power of 40 Days
Knowing that you will be doing a practice for 40 days gives your mind the satisfaction of knowing that there is a beginning and an end to the practice. The mind is a very busy machine and it is important to keep this machine occupied and entertained as you do focus on an intention so that the mind doesn't throw too many road blocks in the way.

More importantly, 40 days is an adequate length of time to allow all phases of your passion to manifest. For instance, in the beginning, you will probably be excited and focused, and experience good results. During the middle period of the 40 days, you might experience interruptions, inconveniences, and forgetfulness. Then you will probably experience a renewed focus on your intention. By the end of 40 days, you will definitely have had plenty of time to practice putting daily attention on your intention, see the benefits, and notice the difference on the days during which you forget.

The 40 day period will guide you in developing a personal working relationship with the Universe and with your own magical practice. Each day that you focus your attention you will develop a new perspective to help you unleash your creative powers. 

You are truly the creator of your own reality.  You will find that you have a greater belief in your ability to create a reality that pleases you, and you will begin to know that you can be, do and have everything you choose. By the end of 40 days, you will see actual demonstrations of your own creative abilities.  You will know that you can create anything of your choosing. Are you ready to begin?

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