Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Unemployed Angels – Will Work for Gratitude!

The news is full of stories on the increased unemployment rate in the United States. Predictions of how long until recovery, people filing bankruptcy, unemployment benefit reform, Americans unable to make mortgage payments and losing their homes, the Department of Labor still reporting an unemployment rate of over 9% nationwide. In these difficult times for the human race, there is another group of unemployed who go unnoticed by the news media. Angels. Angels are also finding themselves hanging around in unemployment lines as fewer and fewer people are employing them for help.

It is so easy for humans to get caught up in their busy lives, their woes, stresses and problems and completely forget, if indeed they ever knew, that these valuable resources are available virtually free of charge. There are angels whose expertise range in everything from travel to communication to health. So many things that are everyday irritants can be turned over to angels.

Running late for an appointment and want to make sure you have a parking place waiting for you? Ask an angel to go ahead and save one for you. Taking a driving trip and want to make sure you arrive safely and on time? Hire a Travel Angel. Dreading talking to your spouse or boss over a misunderstanding? Hire a Communications Angel to pave the way and accompany you. Not sleeping well? Hire a Sleep Angel specialist. Taken on too heavy of a workload and don't know how you can possibly get it all done in time? Hire a Work Angel.

Angels have so many more resources than humans and it is really a lot of fun to see how they go about solving our problems and making our lives easier. Help may come in the form of a person who shows up offering to do just what we need done. It may be in the form of new ideas that suddenly come to us on how to re-prioritize a busy schedule. It could be in the form of discovering a new tea or herbal substance that relaxes one before going to bed. It may be that we won't know the form, only the results that caused one person to leave the parking spot in front of the doctor's office just as we pulled in or why our surly boss was suddenly open and truly able to listen to our explanations.

Helping humans is the work of angels. It is their purpose. Here's the catch though. They have to be asked. They will not interfere and go where they are not bid. You must ask them for help and tell them exactly what you want help with. Then there is the payment. Angels work for gratitude. You must thank them and I find it is best to do so in advance. That shows not only your gratitude, but also your faith and belief that they will do a good job for you. It also prevents your forgetting to thank them later, when the job is finished and you go on your way.

So how do you ask an Angel for help? Decide what you need and in a strong voice say, "I'd like to hire an angel." If you know the specialty you need, include that. Then describe what you need. Don't describe what you don't need, put it in terms of what you do need. "I need to get to my doctor's appointment on time, safely and with serenity and I would like a parking space close to the front office door." Don't get caught up in details of how to make this happen, that's the angel's job and really if you could do it yourself then you wouldn't need to be asking for help. Don't set too many parameters on your request either. Give the angel room to have fun and creativity with their assignment and to use their judgment on the best way to accomplish your request. They can see a larger picture and know the best way to serve you without inconveniencing others.

There are thousands of these highly skilled entities just waiting for you to ask them for help. Give it a try and I think you will be pleased and possibly amazed at the results. All it will cost you is some gratitude – it's a deal you can't beat. So give an angel a break and hire one today.

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  1. Thank you for the synchronicity. I was just attending angel workshop last weekend where the topic came up. We help the angels with their evolution if we ask them to help. They are waiting for us and they love love to help us. Thank you

  2. Glad it was useful ... confirmation from multiple sources is always a great sign from the Universe! Thanks for stopping by, reading, and leaving a comment. We always enjoy magical interactions!


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