Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Life Boot Camp ... from a Magical Point of View

What kind of attitude did you wake up with this morning?

Did you have the Monday morning blues or did you charge out of bed anticipating everything that life has to offer you today?

In the usual course of life many of us feel as if we are fighting a defensive battle, constantly defending our sanity, peace and freedom from life interruptions. We are constantly retreating and hunkering down until the storm has passed. The problem is that retreat and backward progress aren't exactly great measures of life growth and joy.

So how can you reverse your retreat from life? What if you were to enroll in the equivalent of boot camp? Not Army boot camp but life boot camp. At this boot camp they don't teach you to handle weapons or neutralize incoming physical attacks. Instead they teach you to neutralize and transform life events.

What if you woke up at boot camp this morning instead of in your own bed? Suppose your drill sergeant told you that you would be practicing life drills today, and that he would be throwing all kinds of challenges and distractions at you. Suppose he also told you that your mission was to stick to your goals today regardless of what appeared in your life. Would that change the way you handle the situations that crop up in your life?

Does knowing that the distractions and challenges are just practice drills lessen their impact on your life? Try living just one day in life boot camp and see if it changes your attitude about life events.

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