Thursday, January 28, 2010

Why There are No Muggles, Only Magicians

Are magicians born or made?

Good question. Lots of people ask this question.

Answer: Neither.

Sorry to disappoint all you Harry Potter and Charmed fans out there, but magicians are neither born nor made. In other words, there is no division between magicians and non-magicians. Everyone has the power and ability to be a magician and to practice magic. Everyone!

Magic is the birthright of every planetary citizen. That means you.

Why There are No Muggles
The reason there are no muggles is the same reason that every single person on this planet can practice magic. Here's the reason: magic is nothing more (and nothing less) than following the laws that govern the universe. It's as simple as that.

For instance, once you learn how to use the four magical elements that form this universe (Air, Fire, Water, and Earth), you can do a lot of powerful magic rituals. Here's just a short list of things you can do just using hand magic and the four elements:
  • psychic communication
  • heal sprains, bruises, and more
  • safely get rid of anger, anxiety, and depression
  • divine the future
  • put up energy and psychic shields
And yes, any old person on the planet can learn to do this kind of magic, nothing to do with magical parents or anything like that. Past lives can give a person an additional magical boost, however. For instance, if you studied magic in your last 17 lifetimes, chances are that the knowledge will come to you much more easily, and your magic will probably be more powerful than that of the average Joe.

Everyone Can Be a Magician
So now that you know that there is no division between magical and non-magical people, there's no excuse not to practice magic. The key word in that last sentence is, of course, "practice." Magic is an art and a science, and like everything else, if you want to be good at it, you need to practice.

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  1. What if your ancestors practiced magic? Could you come into it easier by genetic memory?

  2. I have heard of families in which "the gift" is especially strong, but that usually refers to psychic abilities mostly. In theory however if someone is particularly gifted at any type of science or art that could be passed down (or is it the family environment that supports those practices - ie. music, science, magick...) that fosters it in a child at an early age?) I think that more important than if your ancestors practiced could be if you practiced in a previous lifetime and are accessing skills from past memory in this life that you had previously. Good questions to ponder.


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