Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Grounding Magic Rituals: The Power of Hematite

Are you feeling a little neurotic or out of sorts? Maybe feeling both wired and tired at the same time? It sounds like you need a grounding magic ritual to restore your balance.

These days it isn't unusual for people to be feeling a little crazy. The magical date, somewhere around 2012 is coming up, the economy is going up or down (depending on when you tune into the news), and people are being hit hard with all kinds of crazy events.

If you need balance in your life, now is the time to get grounded, magically, with some magic rituals that connect us with Earth energy.

Using Hematite for a Simple Magic Ritual
Hematite, like the Apache Tear, is a grounding stone that easily "pulls" and attracts energy, making it the perfect magical tool for grounding out unwanted energy. Hematite has long been known as an excellent stone for energy work, energy rebalancing, and it's powerful attractive force.

If you're feeling a little crazy, all you need to do is this simple magic ritual, which dumps all that crazy energy into the hematite stone.
  1. Hold the hematite stone or wand in your dominant hand (the hand with which you point).
  2. Flow unwanted energies into the hematite stone or wand. This is not a thinking exercise. Just will it and it will happen.
  3. When the stone feels tingly or warm, you have grounded the unwanted energies into the stone. The magic ritual is complete.
  4. Wrap the stone in a natural material, like cotton or wool, to store it safely.
You can do this simple magic ritual many times a day. A hematite stone or wand can usually store energy from this kind of magic ritual for about a month. After that, you need to cleanse the hematite to prevent the unwanted energies from coming back to you. Many magical practitioners bury their stone in the Earth for a moon cycle to cleanse it.

Others use a four-element cleansing with the firebowl and chalice. Either way, it's nice to have a couple of hematite wands handy so that you can use one as you cleanse the other. I have found that carrying a hematite wand carried in a velvet bag is a very effective yet discreet way to do this magic ritual.

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