Thursday, September 28, 2017

Is There a Limit to What Magic Can Do?

Nope. Nada. No limits. Magic is unlimited. Actually, magic is limited, but only by you, your imagination, and what you can conceive of. Check out this latest quote from our favorite non-physical teachers Abraham:

"Someone asked us recently, 'Is there any limitation to the body's ability to heal?' And we said, 'None, other than the belief that you hold.' And he said, 'Then why aren't people growing new limbs?' And we said, 'Because no one believes that they can.'"

If you read my recent post on using remote healing to help a friend grow a new colon, then you might think twice about whether: 1) we can grow new limbs and 2) whether there are limits on magic.

Why People Can't Do Unlimited Magic
Students and strangers often write to ask my why their magic doesn't work. They have cast a spell, done a ritual, or followed some practice, only to find that the results are either paltry or nil. Then they ask, "I thought magic was supposed to be magical. It's supposed to do the impossible. Why isn't that happening?"

It's simple. Most people practice magic with an odd combination of hope and doubt, carried in equal parts, and mixed thoroughly. The result is the strange brew, of course, is a mixed result. People hope the magic will produce amazing results, yet already doubt the result so they won't be disappointed when nothing happens. That's one problem.

Are You Focused on the Magical or the Mundane?
The second problem lies in where people put their focus in life. Most people run around and worry about mundane problems all the time - how to get the car fixed, whether their kid will pass the math test, or why Channel 31 is fuzzy on their TV. Wow, how unmagical can you get? If you want to see the magic, you have to start looking for it ... and expecting it.

The magical world is a parallel one that exists in the same space and time as the ordinary world. But seeing magic in the world is like looking for shadows instead of light. In Carlos Castaneda's books, he describes an exercise in which Don Juan tells him to see the world by seeing only the shadows, not the light. It's an intriguing exercise. Try it. Try seeing any scene by only looking at the shadows. See if that changes you perspective on how you view the world.

Then practice finding something magical everyday. That "something" doesn't have to be very big. Small magical events are just as magical as big ones. If you want to get really creative, think of a word or object first thing in the morning, and call it to you. Ask it to appear during your day. For instance, you might choose "cherry." Then look for cherries during your day. Maybe it's a cherry limeade or an antique car in cherry condition or someone saying the word "cherry." It doesn't matter. What matters is that you intentionally start calling magic into you life, and then looking for where it appears.

Practice this little exercise for 40 days in a row and I guarantee that you will see magic popping up all over the place ... and you won't worry about the fuzzy lines on Channel 31 so much anymore!

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