Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Magical Meditation with Sound

In a world that is scrambling to adjust to a new economic order, the energetic vibrations moving around the planet are just little hectic and chaotic at present. We have been inundated with emails from people asking for help getting grounded and feeling more stable. People are feeling overly sensitive, highly emotional, and very fragile at present.

There are many ways to stabilize yourself magically, and here I offer you one that is in the ebook we co-produced with meditation expert Devta Khalsa, one of our advanced students. This is a meditation on the sound current from an ancient scripture called the Shabd Guru. "Sha" means ego, and "bad" means cut off, so "Shabd" means to be cut off from the individual identity or to be separated from worldly entanglements and distractions. "Guru" is that which transports us from darkness into light, with "Gu" meaning darkness and "Ru" meaning light.

The Sound Meditation
This meditation is used at the beginning of any yoga or healing session. It is for tuning in to the divine teacher within so you can begin your session in a more centered and focused way. It is the Adi Mantra. "Adi" means primal or first, and "mantra" means the creative mental projection using sound. This brings us to a place of spiritual guidance, and sets the space for our healing work. This sound current sets a state of consciousness, and that consciousness becomes your guide. It is the link between you as a finite personality and you as a flow of Divine Consciousness, joining like left and right hands to elevate the experience. This mantra can be chanted for three repetitions at the beginning of any spiritual practice, yoga exercises, time of prayer, or meditation.

Ong Namo, Guroo Dayv Namo
Here's how you do the meditation:

1. Sit comfortably with the left and right palms pressed together at the center of the chest, fingers pointing straight up, with about 15 pounds of pressure on the palms. Press the second joint of the thumbs tightly against the sternum. This is the mudra.

2. Close your eyes and concentrate at the Brow Point, between the eye brows at the root of the nose.

3. Inhale a long deep breath and chant ONG, placing the tongue on the roof of the mouth and feeling the sound resonate in the upper chambers of the sinuses, upper palate inside the mouth, and the forehead. The "ng" sound is emphasized. Be sure the lips are firm while chanting the sound "ong."

4. Hold this sound, feeling the vibration a bit, then chant NAMO, with "nam" being short and holding the "oh" sound.

5. The first sound in the word GUROO (guru) rhymes with "good." The second syllable "roo" has a sound that rhymes with "true" and the R sound is rolled by striking the tongue on the roof of the mouth. The sound GUROO is spoken crisply.

6. Then DAYV is more sustained and NAMO sounds like the previous one.

The entire sequence is meant to be chanted all on one breath, so inhale deeply before you start. If you need to take a short breath after ONG NAMO, keep it short so that the rhythm of the mantra is not changed.

This can simply be repeated three times before beginning any other prayer, meditation, or quiet sitting.

Want More Meditation and Magic?

This meditation is just a short chunk of the magical good stuff you'll find in the "Energy Healing for Self and Others" ebook. This fabulous resource contains recipes and tips on using flower essences, essential oils, herbs, color, sound, and more.

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