Thursday, September 21, 2017

Feeling Stressed? Try a Little Bathtub Magic

This is one of my favorite magic rituals: the bathtub and shower litany. It's the perfect antidote for anyone who feels stressed, tired, frustrated, angry, or sore. Basically, it's a magical ritual that alleviates any excess Fire energy.

Excess Fire energy can take the form of bodily inflammation and soreness, emotional frustration and anger, and repetitive mental thoughts that won't stop. If you feel any of these types of symptoms, especially at the end of a long tiring day, try some bathtub magic.

Bathtub Magic to Remove Excess Fire Energy
The bathtub and shower litany is a little magic ritual that helps you get rid of excess Fire energy in the bathtub. It works because, from a magical viewpoint, water carries Fire energy. When you are in the shower, the water flowing from the shower can pull any excess Fire energy from your body, mind, and Spirit, and flow it down the drain. For this ritual to work, you combine your intention with some visualization and the magic litany.

Here's how you do the bathtub and shower litany:

Shower Instructions
Set the showerhead so the water hits you at the base of the skull and the water runs as evenly as possible over the back and front of your body. Let the shower hit the back of the neck, where we tend to develop a lot of tension (in the shoulders), and run your hands down your body to bring the fire down to your feet. The water temperature should be cool (just below body temperature). If the water is too cold it will create tension, and if the water is too hot it won't carry much fire.

As the water is running over your body and down the drain, picture your body as a glowing heating coil. Radiate any flame band energies outward in any direction. The tension will follow natural body flows. Picture these energy bands mixing with the water and flowing down the drain while simultaneously repeating the following litany aloud. Say it out loud. Keep saying it until you feel that the flame is gone. Speak the litany with authority and power.

"All the tension, all the strain,
All the pain with excess flame,
Flow with water, down the drain!"

Bathtub Instructions
Fill the tub as full as possible with cool (just below body temperature) water, but not cold water! Lie back with your feet at the drain end and as much of your body as possible under the water. Using the glowing heating coil idea, radiate the excess Fire energy into the water, warming the water next to your skin. Stir the water each time this seems successful. After 3 or 4 "stirrings", open the tub drain and continue to lay back and radiate the Fire energy as the water level drops around you. Begin using the above litany as the water drains from the tub. Continue the process until all the water is gone from the tub.

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