Thursday, September 7, 2017

Clockin' Time on Earth

Cell phones, pagers, day planners, guru seminars, life purpose workshops, self help videos, aura cleansing CDs … all of these ostensibly help us live happier, more directed, more productive lives on Earth. They are supposed to help us find our life direction, plot our course, and keep going until we get "there."

And it's all good … until it isn't. If you find that your absolutely nuts because you knew your life purpose but forgot it, or you know your life direction and don't want to go there, or you've cleansed your aura until you're absolutely clear (and empty), or your just plain confused, take a breather!

Other Alternatives for Clockin' Time on Earth
We live in such a driven society that sometimes we can drive ourselves right into depression or panic. When you feel just a little crazy about your life purpose or lack of it, check out some of these thoughts on life purpose from various sources:
  • We are here to sound a joyous note to Creator's ear (Hopi Indians).
  • We're required to be on Earth for a certain amount of time. What we do with that time is up to us. We have no pre-destined purpose to fulfill (anonymous).
  • Earth is a school and we've chosen our own curriculum (translation: life lessons). We have free will so we can change the curriculum any time we want-like now (Paxton Robey).
Hmmm … these sound like some relaxing alternatives to the "hurry and worry" approach to life purpose.

Do enjoy. Whatever your life purpose, it will go better when you enjoy life!

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