Thursday, March 21, 2019

What Winston Churchill Would Say About Magic - Never Give Up!

Never Give Up!
Winston Churchill was once asked to give a speech at a commencement ceremony at Eton. Many important people gave long speeches that day, and one person gave a 20 minute introduction for Churchill. All were hushed in anticipation of what Churchill might say.

Churchill stood up and gave a 9 word commencement speech: "Never give up. Never give up. Never, never, never." Then he sat down. Wow!

Winston Churchill's Words as Applied to Magic
Those 9 words epitomize the true spirit of the esoteric researcher. No one could have said it better. If Winston Churchill were to talk about magic, I bet that's what he would say.

The people who are able to really create magic in their lives and who are true explorers of the art and science of magic never give up. They are bold, persistent and completely dedicated to understanding the universal principles that make this Earth school tick.

Are You Just Trying to Solve a Problem?
You see, most people come into the study of magic or shamanism as a way to solve some immediate problem, whether it is prosperity, relationships, health, career, or success. Once they find some sort of solution to their immediate problem, they stop learning and growing in life - that is, until the next problem crops up. And, the next problem always will crop up. Why? Because they have not truly changed their understanding or consciousness about life or their birth vision.

That's what magical researchers do - they really try to understand, through their own observation and experience, how it all works. This study begins to fascinate them far more than whatever immediate problem drew them into magic in the first place. And that's when the magic really begins to happen.

When you get far more interested in the way this Universe works than in the particular problem at hand, you'll find that the problems in your life begin to shrink and disappear. That's the real magic of it.

Magical Research as the Real Cure for Life Problems
If you really want to "cure" or "fix" your life problems, pursue the study of magic to depths beyond anything you could imagine. If you never give up on magic, it will never give up on you. Learning and practicing this art as a way of life brings you closer to powerful, positive Universal forces. Really.

Ready to dig deep? Journey far? Plumb your magical depths? I have two words for you:

Basic Magic

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