Thursday, April 9, 2009

Henbane Flower Essence: The Witch's Flower Essence

Supposedly part of the witch's 'flying broom' potion, henbane has long been part of the magical practitioner's apothecary. The plant itself is quite poisonous, containing scopolamine, atropine, and hyoscyamine, and is in the same family as other magical plants like deadly nightshade, mandrake, and datura. Many practitioners avoid henbane because of its deadly properties, but it can be a most useful plant when prepared and used correctly.

While the plant itself requires great caution for use, the flower essence made from henbane is an excellent tonic for shamans, witches, and other magical practitioners. The flower essence can be used without fear of poisoning, and is particularly good for vision quests and practitioners involved in exploring death. This can refer to physical death, or a more spiritual death, such as the death of personality or the ego. For those undergoing extreme life transitions, henbane can be supportive in helping avoid frustration and anger. It has a more extreme effect than other "transition" flower essences like Walnut or Bottlebrush.

Henbane is particularly useful for shamans investigating the half worlds through scrying, the black mirror, and other spiritual "windows." Henbane flower essence also helps those who want to connect with the spirits of the dead.

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