Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Ask Alan – Help With Cloud Magic and Weatherworking

Dear Alan,

About two years ago I had this compulsion to move a cloud, out of nowhere. I practiced and moved them with great ease, to my surprise. I began moving wind in whatever direction I chose as well, and during this past storm, it seemed as though the heavy or lightness of the rain was responding to my thoughts and emotions. I never wanted to lose the ability to move the clouds, but a part of me was alarmed at this power and I think the responsibility was taken away from me. I can still affect the wind (and I think the clouds too just not intentionally), and apparently now the rain. I guess my question is, can I ask for the power back? And are there any risks involved? I've been a wicca enthusiast for most of my life now but I'm still afraid to work spells (I can do innocuous blessings) because I'm afraid they'll turn out badly or reverse themselves. I'm also afraid to think certain things for fear of bringing them about in my life. Please help.
-- A Disciplined Mind

Dear Disciplined Mind,

What a great series of questions about weatherworking and cloud magic. I truly understand your concerns and want to reassure you about your situation.

First I want to clear up a particular point. You said that you became alarmed at your weatherworking powers and that the "responsibility" was taken away from you. Don't worry. This is not possible. Anyone who wishes can work with clouds and weather and no one can take that ability away from you.

Having said that, there are two factors that can improve your ability to work with weather:

1. practice
2. good relationships with the beings that control weather, including the Winds of the four directions, Sky Father, Earth Mother, and storm spirits

As with any magical art, practice makes perfect. If you want and need practice, clouds make great practice targets for your intention. It sounds like you have quite a bit of natural talent when it comes to moving clouds.

If you want to develop your weatherworking skills beyond working with clouds, the next step would be to develop relationships with the beings that control the weather. As mentioned above, these include the Winds, Sky Father, and Earth Mother. To begin developing a relationship with these beings, go outside and bid them good morning at the start of each day and bid them good night at the end of each day. Greet each of them individually by facing each different direction. Face east to great the Winds of the East, face south to greet the Winds of the South, and so forth. Start in the east and move clockwise until you are facing east again. Then greet Sky Father above you, and Earth Mother below you. In this way you introduce yourself to these beings and open a relationship with them.

Then, the next time you want to affect the weather, address the appropriate beings. For instance, if you know a storm is blowing in from the west and you want it to avoid your property, after greeting the winds, ask the Winds of the West to assist you in moving the storm around your property rather than over top of it. Thank the Winds of the West in advance for their help and then let the magic happen. Thank the Winds of the West again when your request has been fulfilled.

As you can see, we humans don't control the weather directly because weather is not directly in our domain. However, we can ask the beings that do control the weather for help and assistance. Since so few people actually ask for help, the Winds, Sky Father, and Earth Mother are usually quite happy to assist us.

There are exceptions, of course. One time, during the Yellowstone fires of 1988 I attempted to direct a storm toward the national park to douse the fires. Though I am usually able to get help from the Winds in these endeavors, I was told in no uncertain terms that the fires needed to burn in Yellowstone. The Winds did not fulfill my request in that instance for that reason.

I hope this helps to ease your concerns about your weatherworking abilities and encourages you to start building a relationship with powers and beings in the weatherworking department!

Want more information on working with clouds? Send a blank email to clouds@shamanschool.com and you'll receive directions on how to get started with this beginning step in weatherworking.

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