Thursday, November 16, 2017

Maximizing the Power of Your Magic Spell: Choosing the Right Format

There are lots of people out there casting all kinds of magic spells, and experiencing various levels of success. Obviously, if you're going to cast a spell you want to maximize the power of the spell so you can achieve your goal as quickly and easily as possible. One thing many spell-casters don't consider when they choose a spell is the format of the spell, but the format of a spell has a lot to do with its power. The format of the spell should match the goal you are trying to achieve with your spell.

For instance, suppose the neighbors in the apartment next door are extremely annoying and you want to replace them with better neighbors. This is a fairly simple and direct objective so you don't want to use an overly complicated or powerful spell otherwise you might create too much effect, too quickly. If you use a powerful multi-candle spell for this situation, you might create a constant stream of people moving in and out of the apartment, with none of them staying long and all of them causing a lot of disruption with the constant moving.

On the other hand, if you used a fairly simple simulacra spell, using figurines to represent neighbors (similar to voodoo dolls), you could easily move your current neighbors to a different zip code with a map-moving spell. Then you could use a simple come-along, which features a detailed description of the neighbors you do want placed on a keyed plate under a magnet, to bring new desirable neighbors in. By using a simple and direct spell to achieve a simple objective, you would focus all of the spell's power toward a single aim (getting new neighbors) yet not overpower the situation.

If you're not sure which magic spell format to use for which situations, here's a short list of spell formats you can use as a guide.

1. Come Along
This is the most basic kind of magic spell. Write a list of what you do and don't want the spell to do (also called directors and limiters). Put it on a keyed plate under a magnet. Allow the magnet to bring the desired outcome.

2. Simulacra Magic
Use a figurine or other object (a simulacrum) to represent a person or thing. Key the simulacrum by holding the object in your dominant hand and flowing energy and thoughts about the person or object into the simulacrum. Do to the simulacrum what you want done to the person or thing. For instance, you can key an apple to a tumor and then allow the apple to rot and disintegrate so that the tumor shrinks and disintegrates, too.

3. Single Candle Spell
These magic spells involve a single carved candle, directors and limiters, and a chant. After doing divinations to ensure that all the aspects of the spell will achieve the desired effect, you carve symbols representing the desired outcome of your spell on a candle, and place the directors and limiters plus candle on a keyed plate. You launch the spell by lighting the candle and saying the chant. You may want to repeat the lighting of the candle and chanting to increase the power of the spell. Use this kind of magic spell to handle situations that have some complexity and need quite a bit of force.

4. Multiple Candle Spells
These magic spells are similar to single candle spells but involve multiple candles. Each candle is carved and is used to tackle a different aspect of the spell. Use these spells for situations that are complex and deal with multiple issues. For instance, this kind of spell is appropriate if you want to buy a piece of property. The spell can address multiple issues such as attracting the money for a down-payment, getting your loan approved, finding the right piece of property, and having your offer accepted on the property.

5. Tarot Spells
These are among the most complex magic spells and take an enormous amount of effort to construct. These spells involve the use of multiple candles and a Tarot layout. Use these spells to tackle changes at a state, national, or world level. For instance, Tarot spells have been used to stop pieces of legislation from passing or to affect global weather patterns.

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