Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sudden Health Crisis? Don't Panic! There is Always a Magical Solution

There are so many different categories of magical techniques that no matter what health crisis you are facing, there is always a magical solution you can employ. Energy healing is one category of magical techniques that can be a magical solution for healing yourself or others. Basically energy healing involves a variety of techniques that bring a person's energetic state back into balance. Our Energy Healing For Self and Others ebook starts off presenting some of the basic principles underlying magical healing work. These principles are:

1. Anything Can Be Healed – There is always hope and no matter how severe a condition is, healing is always a possibility.

2. Anybody Can Heal – It is a natural and intended process for human beings to heal. Most people don't do healing work because they have not learned how to access their natural healing abilities.

3. Energy Healing – Since everything in the Universe is made up of energy, healing work is all about working with energy. Everything is composed of energy which is constantly moving or in a state of vibration and everything has its own unique electro-magnetic field. When energy becomes disharmonious or is out of balance the result is often illness, pain and disease. A person or animal with an illness has basically moved into an energy state that is not a match for their natural vibrational state. Through magical healing, the vibrational state is adjusted and brought back into balance.

4. Letting Go – Most diseases and illness are brought about by some issue, hurt or past (possibly past life) situation that a person has not been able to "let go" of. Energy healing can help release the emotion that is attracting the condition so that spontaneous healing from the body's own intelligence can occur.

5. You Don't Lose Healing Knowledge – The knowledge you gain in one lifetime carries over to your next lifetime. You don't lose that knowledge no matter how many lifetimes you transition into. This is why some people seem to be naturals at doing magical healing work. They have simply spent more than one lifetime already studying healing. So even if you are struggling to learn magical healing techniques in this lifetime, don't worry, you will be even better prepared in your next.

6. Evolution of Healing – Our race is always learning and evolving and therefore the illnesses and diseases we have do too. For example, in the past smallpox and the plague were the focus for healing work and today healing work is needed more for heart disease, AIDS and cancers. For this reason, healers must also continue to learn, grow through expansion of their understanding and sensitivity and evolve through their own spiritual growth.

If these principles have intrigued you or resonated with you in any way, then maybe Spirit is telling you that you are ready to start exercising your innate healing abilities. You really can heal your life on a variety of levels with magical solutions. Our Energy Healing ebook can help get you started on your path towards magical healing.

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