Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Is Someone Else Making You Ill? Magical Self Defense

If you find yourself chronically ill and are starting to suspect that the source of your illness is coming from someone else then it may be time to employ a little magical self defense. It could be that someone is either stressing you out to the point that illness is the result or it could be that another magical practitioner has done a magical procedure to cause you to be ill. The first step to take is to get the information you need to find out who is responsible. You may already know that your boss or spouse is stressing you out with too many demands on your time. There may however be other sources of stress that you haven't considered. In the case of magic being used against you, you may or may not know who is responsible. Getting information from the Universe can help you determine the source of your illness so you can decide which form of magical self defense will be best for you to use.

Finding Out If Someone Is Making You Ill
There are techniques you can use to find out if someone else is involved with your illness. As a planetary citizen you have a right to any and all information in the Universe. There are many ways of gathering the information you need or want and you will find specific directions for some of these techniques in our Daily Rituals for Attracting What You Want in Life ebook. Using magic to gain the knowledge you seek can be accomplished through one or many different techniques. You can use magic rituals to consult spirit guides, higher powers and beings, get information from your own Spirit, use divination such as with the pendulum or Tarot, use a Question Circle or just ask the Universe in general to get the information you seek. Here are the directions for one of the magical techniques that involves consulting the totem spirit of Owl.

Asking Owl
The owl totem is a good one to work with in getting answers from the Universe since Owl medicine is associated with clairvoyance, astral projection and magic. Owl sits in the east which is the place of illumination and can see things that others cannot.

Here are the steps to follow in working with Owl to get information:
1. Say aloud or in your mind, "Spirit of Owl, I request your help."
2. Wait a few moments until you feel the presence of Owl (no more than a few seconds).
3. State your request. For instance, if you want to know if someone else is responsible for your ongoing illness, you might say, "Owl, please come with me today and show me who is causing the ongoing illness that I am experiencing. Please show me in a way that I can clearly understand. Thank you in advance for your help." Appreciation is very important to this process.
4. Keep an open mind to what Owl will show you. Owl will ride with you on your shoulder, whispering in your ear, giving you knowing and understanding where before you had only blindness and confusion. Owl may bring up old memories, send you a phrase from the mouth of a stranger or bring a chance meeting with another person. Owl will use any and every device to help you see.
5. If at the end of the stated period of time, which in this example would be today, you still don't understand what Owl is showing you, ask again the next day. Each day Owl will make it more obvious to you. Each time you gain a new insight or understanding, thank Owl for the help. Remember that Owl penetrates secrets and veils, and can show you anything you wish to know. All you have to do is ask!

I Have the Information... Now What?
If a sudden unexpected illness crops up or becomes an ongoing illness that you just can't shake and sources have told you that you are under attack, then one form of magical self defense you can easily take is to create some sacred space for yourself. Creating sacred space is a very simple way to get back peace, serenity, clarity and get your energies in balance. There are hundreds of ways to create sacred space, depending on which tradition you study or practice. One of the keys though is consistency. Doing a simple daily ritual consistently will bring you much more success in creating sacred space than doing a list of things that you will probably put aside when stressed and short of time. You can pick a ritual as simple as sitting in total silence just breathing for 3 minutes each morning. As long as you do it consistently each and every day, you will build force and feel the results throughout the day. Building force, taking back your personal power, de-stressing and realigning your energies may be enough to heal your physical ailment. If not, then you may need to also use some type of magical shielding to protect yourself. This could be in the form of a talisman or amulet or through a magical shield such as an omnil.

Anytime you need help from the Universe, all you have to do is ask. You can co-create your own reality with the Universe's help and a little bit of magical knowledge.

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