Thursday, January 5, 2017

All the Magical Basics in a Single Book

Want to really get started with your magical practice this year with all the basic principles and basic rituals? Check out this ebook on Kindle or in paperback. To whet your magical appetite, some of the magic topics and techniques you'll find in this book include:

  • Using a Book of Shadows
  • Contact rituals to connect with higher beings
  • Scrying
  • Sending psychic messages
  • Walking meditations
  • Magical weather working
  • Relocating unwanted spirits
  • Grounding and clearing negative energies
  • Preventing nightmares
  • Healing and blessing rituals
  • and lots more

Just to whet your appetite a bit more and show you what a valuable magical resource this book can be, here is one of the simple rituals you'll find there.

Grounding Out Negative Energies with Grandmother's Tear
Grandmother's Tear or Apache Tear is a type of obsidian which is volcanic black glass made from feldspar, hornblend, biotite, and quartz. These stones are great for grounding out excess or negative energies such as anger, frustration, pain, or irritation. By using Grandmother's Tear to absorb these types of energies you transfer these unwanted energies into the half worlds. The stone itself does not hold the energies so it doesn't have to be cleaned regularly like many crystals do. It is simply a conduit or portal for transferring these energies into the half worlds. This means you can carry one of these stones with you and use it as many times as you need to throughout the day. Here's how you flow negative energy into it.

1. Obtain an Apache Tear or Grandmother's Tear stone from a rock and mineral store or gem store or from an online source.

2. Decide for you which is your dominant hand. You do this by naturally pointing at something and whichever hand you point with is considered your dominant hand.

3. Hold the stone in your dominant hand.

4. Using your intention, flow or push out the unwanted energies that you want to be rid of. Get in touch with the feelings and physical sensations around it and feel yourself pushing these out of your body and into the stone.

5. Be aware of how you feel and once you reach a place of peace or calmness, stop flowing energy into the stone. You may also feel the stone being warm, tingly or heavy at this point.

6. Sit for a few moments simply breathing, being relaxed and enjoy the sense of peace you have.

This is just one of the great magical treasures awaiting you in The Complete Guide of Witchcraft Rituals & Spells for Beginners to start you on your magical journey and inviting magic into your life.

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