Thursday, December 22, 2016

Voodoo Dolls: How Do They Work?

There is much that you can do with Voodoo magic, but what most people associate with it are voodoo dolls. Yes, voodoo dolls are real, not just something made up in fictional stories. The practice of Voodoo is much more than just using voodoo dolls. It also involves circle rituals, dancing, singing, drumming and ancestor worship, but since the use of voodoo dolls are the most familiar, let's start there and see how they work.

What Is a Voodoo Doll?
A voodoo doll is simply a simulacrum. A simulacrum is an object that is the likeness of something. So the voodoo doll is a likeness of a person and is used to represent that person. Once a psychic connection is made between the voodoo doll and that person, whatever you do to the doll affects the person. This is useful when you want to perform a magical operation on someone who is far away from you. Making the psychic connection between the voodoo doll and the person is also called "keying" the doll. This is basically done by holding the voodoo doll in your dominant hand and flowing energy into it by thinking of all you know about the person. This is a simplified explanation of the process involved and more information is available in our How to Do Voodoo ebook if this is something you are interested in pursuing. This type of magic is also referred to as simulacra magic and the ebook goes into much more depth as to the uses and techniques of this fascinating branch of magical study.

How Voodoo Dolls Work
Once the voodoo doll is keyed, it is connected to the person. The Law of Similarity tells us that the greater a likeness of a simulacrum is the greater the psychic connection will be. For this reason many magical practitioners use actual photos of a person instead of a voodoo doll. Others get more creative and create a doll so that they have an entire body and use a picture face of the person in the doll. The more the voodoo doll resembles the person it is being keyed to, the greater the connection will be between the doll and the actual person. Now whatever magical operation you use on the doll will benefit the person it is keyed to. So for example, one of our advanced students recently took on a project of ridding a friend that lived 800 miles away from her of a long-time scar. Using the voodoo doll she created of her friend and keyed to the friend, she was able to use her athame with various beams of fire colors, sweeping and pulling methods to reduce the scar. That is just one example of the many, many magical things that can be done with a voodoo doll. Pretty much any magical operation that can be performed on a person can be performed on the voodoo doll instead with the results affecting the person keyed to the doll.

Rules of the Road
Usually when voodoo dolls are portrayed in works of fiction, it is to harm someone else or bind them in some way such as falling in love with you. This is not the intended safe use of a voodoo doll however. Remember the Universal Laws that govern magical practice and only use the voodoo doll in ways that are in accordance with these rules. Using magical practice that goes against these rules can result in backlash for the practitioner and is not using safe magic. Used correctly, a voodoo doll is a great magical tool for healing, balancing energies, and helping others in a multitude of ways. Just make sure you are on the right side of the Rules of the Road and as with all magical procedures, think it through and enjoy the magic!

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