Thursday, December 29, 2016

Take a Long Moment to Change Your Life Magically

One of the many tools available to shamans is the manipulation of time. A shaman is skilled in being able to go forward or backwards in time to add to their research or for healing purposes. For example, a shaman my need to go back to a past life event to help someone understand what happened in that past life that is contributing to an issue the person is experiencing in this lifetime. You, too can start learning to manipulate time magically by experimenting with the "long moment".

What is the Long Moment?
The long moment is an art which utilizes the ability to slow one's perception of certain events in order to see what really is happening in present time. Another name for this long moment is the Cortothalamic Pause. This is a useful tool to slow life down and be able to form an appropriate response instead of giving a mechanical response or more likely reaction to a situation. For most people there is a 3 step process they go through that leads to responding to events and situations with a mechanical reaction. They are:

1. We receive an incoming perception: ie. - A person speaks loudly to us
2. The perception is immediately routed by our flow of associations to a certain place in our memory: ie. - In this or a past life, we have memories of loud voices and anger.
3. The perception is assigned a meaning: ie. - The person is angry with us.

These steps happen very quickly, less than a second usually and lead to a reaction of however each of us responds to an angry person. We don't take the time usually to consider that there may be other feelings involved and that we are assigning our own interpretation to another's actions. This leads often to overreactions at the moment and causes more problems. If you had a Cortothalamic Pause, you would not react out of your own memory, but rather be able to slow the event down, be totally present in the "now", and form a more appropriate response.

The Magic of the Cortothalamic Pause
Using the Cortothalamic Pause to slow yourself at the moment you receive an incoming piece of data allows you to stretch time. In this long moment you give yourself the power to evaluate the information you have received and give a true response. You may think this sounds difficult, but all it really takes to master this art is practice. Start out twice a day practicing this skill. When someone asks you a question or asks you to do something, stop everything inside yourself for 2 seconds. Stop all thought and consideration. Get quiet. Then respond to the person. For a while you won't actually be able to stop your internal thoughts, but you will be able to see all the mechanical reactions and thoughts that immediately spring up. You may be surprised at the massive and often chaotic activity that happens inside yourself. It will give you true insight into the way you interact with life.

Flower Essences To Help with the Cortothalamic Pause
You can increase the likelihood of being able to take a Cortothalamic Pause by using these flower essences daily:

  • Lavender and Chamomile for calming
  • White Chestnut for reducing repetitive thoughts
  • Thyme for helping to manipulate Time

To learn more about flower essence remedies and other techniques for self-healing and self-exploration, see our ebook Energy Healing for Self and Others.

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