Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Magic That Works: How to Study Magic

When people first discover magic it can often be confusing in terms of which magical path is the right one for them and how to study magic. Many are often skeptical and want to know if there is really magic that works and what can it do for them. It's good to be skeptical and to do some exploring into different traditions to see which resonates with you. You're probably familiar with the saying that when the student is ready the teacher will appear. That is very true when it comes to how to study magic and finding magic that works for you. To help you decide if the type of magical studies we offer at the Esoteric School are right for you, we have a section on How To Study Magic as well as plenty of free resources to let you explore our magic that works. Here are a few suggestions on things to do when deciding how to study magic.

What Is Magic?
Before we begin the actual hands-on study of magic, we believe it is important for people to understand what magic that works really is and what it can do for you. Magic is a precision science, the science of deliberate creation, a system of creation and study of intention. Every intentional act is an act of magic. Magic allows us to communicate with higher powers and beings and co-create with the Universe. It is also a path of spiritual growth. The practice of magic is governed under Universal Laws and a set of ethics that need to be adhered to for a safe and effective magical practice. We call these The Rules of the Road. When beginning on a magical path, students need to understand these rules and the implications they can have.

How To Study Magic: Start With the 4 Elements
We believe in starting the actual study of magic with learning the fundamentals of the 4 elements – Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. Everything in the Universe is made up of these 4 elements. The safest element to begin practice with is Air. The Air element corresponds to anything having to do with seeing, breathing, speaking, hearing, planning, thinking, believing, memorizing, communicating, learning, teaching, information, ideas, wisdom, understanding, worry, sensation, awareness, opinions, data, memory, mind. Once you learn the characteristics and correspondences that are associated with the Air Element and how to handle and flow this element, you can move on to the other elements.

How To Study Magic: Learn To Use Magical Tools
Once you have a good working knowledge of all of the elements you can then move on to learning how to study magic with the use of magical tools. The Air element tool is the Wand. We encourage students to make their own wands rather than buy one and you can see how to do that HERE. Magical tools associated with the other elements are the Fire tool – the athame, the Water tool – the chalice and the Earth tool – the plate or pentacle. Some of the other magical tools you may find useful include the pendulum, Tarot deck, the firebowl, the black mirror, candles, sun crystal and simulacra. Each of these can be used for various techniques such as healing, exploring other realms, divination, psychic communication, finding lost objects, gathering information and spellwork.

Now that you have some information on what magic is and how to study magic, time to get started. Take a look at our How To Study Magic section on our website and explore all our free resources to see what magical offerings peak your interest. Magic that works is your birthright as a planetary citizen, so exercise your right to a fulfilling magical life!

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