Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Ritual Magic to Wash Your Cares Away

We've all had occasion to let our old patterns, habits and beliefs get in the way of our spiritual growth or enjoying life, but did you know that ritual magic can help you let go of those old ways? When you find yourself stuck in negativity or holding on to old ideas and beliefs that no longer serve you, here's one of the simple ritual magic tips you'll find in our Kindle book, Learn How To Do Witchcraft Rituals And Spells With Your Bare Hands.

How This Ritual Magic Works
First here's a little bit about how and why this ritual works. The element of Water was used in tribal times for cleansing and as a way to release the old and bring in the new. Tribal people would walk in the rain next to a source of running water (creek, river, etc..). The running water served to carry off old ideas and beliefs that no longer served, while the rain coming down from above brought clear, new ideas. The same is true today and this ritual magic can serve to also release negative feelings, stop negative thoughts, and get rid of low tones such as depression.

Why This Ritual Magic Works
Magically, the element Water represents emotions, which are the language of Spirit. Moving water is able to carry the elements Air and Fire. The magical element Air represents thoughts and the magical element Fire represents will and action. So the Water element is able to carry off the unwanted thoughts and stuck patterns habits and beliefs. Walking in the rain by running water gives you the movement of the Water element to energetically cleanse out those unwanted feelings and thoughts. They can then be replaced with new ideas, thoughts and energy.

Doing This Cleansing Ritual Magic
Here's how to do this ritual:

1. Pick a rainy day and find a place outdoors that is next to a source of running water such as a creek or river or even a spillway. If you don't have a running water source you can access or are experiencing a drought and don't have access to rain, you can use the shower as it provides fresh water from above and running water below.

2. Walk next to or stand in the running water source and feel your old beliefs, negativity or problems being carried away by the flow of the water. Feel them being recycled into other forms some other place in the Universe, away from you.

3. Feel the rain water coming from above and visualize its brightness and refreshment bringing new ideas, thoughts and feelings to you. You can also send up prayers to higher powers and beings telling them what you want to release and what you would like to bring in.

4. Make sure you have running water, not standing water when you do this ritual magic. Standing water is stagnant unless it has been specifically programmed, so it doesn't do the job of carrying negativity away from you. Standing water that has not been programmed ("charged") can receive negative energy from you, but it requires a lot of effort on your part to push that energy into the water.

Yes, this magic ritual takes a little advanced planning to do since you will be getting wet, but the results are certainly worth any inconveniences. It's not one you'll want to do every day, but every so often taking some time to get out in nature, cleanse your energy and refresh yourself can go a long way to keeping you on your spiritual path and wash away mundane worries.

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